Czech Republic Artist and DJ Arco in 3-2-1

For over the past 10 plus years, talented Czech Republic artist and DJ Arco has built a nice reputation for him self. On the DJ side, he’s graced the decks at a number of clubs in his home town of Brno, secured residencies in Prague and made various guest appearances internationally in countries such as the UK. His music production meanwhile on labels like Salted Music, Lapsus Music, Tango, Coyote Cuts & Guesthouse has gained support from prominent industry figures and noted artists such as Grant Nelson, Miguel Migs, King Britt, Sharam Jey, Supernova, Vanilla Ace, James Dexter, Roy Davis Jr., Giom and Johnny Fiasco.

Arco’s new project ‘Stellar Plains EP’ is out now Exclusively on Traxsource. And with that, we caught up with him, in 3 questions, 2 Tracks and 1 Release

3 Quick Questions:

1) Give us a bit of background about yourself.

I’m originally from the City of Brno in the Czech Republic. I was born here and still live here. I started to DJ and make music when I was 15 and from the beginning it was House Music that I was crazy about. After a few local releases on domestic labels, I released my first foreign release ‘‘Funk that‘‘ EP on Jay West’s Candy Music. Basically from that moment I started to release regularly on foreign labels. One of my biggest success and accomplishments was joining the Salted Music brand owned by mighty Miguel Migs. I have many releases on the imprint, including 2 official remixes for Migs himself. I want to say thanks to Miguel by the way, because I learned a lot from him and it’s a pleasure be a part of this great label.

2) Tell us more about your current project, the ‘Stellar Plains EP’ which is out right now on Bobbin Head Music.

My latest ‘Stellar plains’ EP is a combination of Deep House and Nu-Disco. Both tracks are about catchy melodies with Galactic Disco on one hand and dreamy Deep House on the other. They both reflect my feelings for various music flavours. We can’t forget to mention the great remixes that came in by Cosmopolitan Ian Metty and talented newcomer Greywolf from Sydney. Both remixes are really different.

This EP is multicoloured, and I’m happy it’s come out on Husky’s Bobbin Head label. Make sure you don’t sleep and check it out ;)

3) Last question: What’s your studio set-up consist off?

I’m great example of producer,who can make music without huge equipment. All I need is PC, software,midi keys and sound monitors.

• Software: Reason 6.5 (yes, I must upgrade to 8 soon)
• Sound monitors: KRK Rokit 6
• Midi keys: Yamaha YPG-235
• Sound card: M-audio Audiophile 2496
• Sound mixer: Yamaha MG 102

2 Tracks:

Yotto – Azzurro – AnjunaDeep

Cassian – Takeover – Sweat It Out

1 Release.

Arco artist page & releases on Traxsource.