Electronic Youth In 5 Records.

The duo that is Electronic Youth comprises of Londoners Leisuregroove & Rustem Rustem. Rustem moved through an early career in vinyl distribution while helming his own Loonacy & Spud Records imprints, adding a spell in charge of The Hoxton Whores own WhoreHouse Records. Leisuregroove created a solo production career with success via his own label Digital Disco Records collaborating with the likes of Angie Brown and seeing successful releases with the labels such as Hed Kandi.

The latest project from Electronic Youth’s label Sexy Trash Digital entitled A Song For You by upcoming artists Haliia is out now Exclusively on Traxsource. As Electronic Youth and their label’s reputation continue to grow & gain momentum, we asked them to highlight 5 key records that have shined light on them as artists and help build their career to this point.

1. Electronic Youth & Tristan Ingram – Dirty Money (Original Mix) [Lapsus Music] 2015

Our relationship with Lapsus started when we did a remix for Soul Avengerz and it smashed all the charts. It was a Top 10 on Traxsource for over 3 weeks and in the Top 10 House charts for much longer! This year we really changed our sound to a more underground techy feel, and this release with long-standing friend Tristan Ingram, showed that people really love our new sound.

2. Wayne Dudley – Get Busy (Electronic Youth Remix) [Sexy Trash Digital] 2015

Sexy Trash is our label. We have worked hard on a new look and sound for the label this year. Finding artists that fit is really important. Wayne Dudley is definitely a rising star this year. He has lots of hot releases already under his belt as well as some massive ones forthcoming. We had to get him on the label along with a remix by us. Our remix of “Get Busy” is the MOST successful track we have had on the label to date. It smashed all of the charts and its getting support by a host of big names including the main man Brian Tappert. This really put our label on the map this year and showed everyone that Sexy Trash Digital is a label for 2015.

3. Sam Skilz & Roland Clark – Resist (Electronic Youth Remix) [Conkrete Digital Music] 2014

What can we say about this vocal apart from pure genius! This is Roland at his absolute best! So when we had the chance to remix it, all we could hear was 1988 Juno keyboard but with our chunky beats. One of our favourite quotes on our remix was “It’s like Mr Fingers, but in a dark London Warehouse”

4. Electronic Youth feat. Shanaz – I Would Leave (Festival Mix) [Conkrete Digital Music] 2015

Shanaz is probably one of the most talented, soulful, Jazz singer/songwriter we’ve worked with. Her lyrics are from the darkest parts of her life, so we came along and injected them with EY energy! We did this remix in 2013. The original was great but we wanted something that would knock people’s socks off and last years Conkrete party at ADE really felt it!

5. Electronic Youth feat. Alex Hart – Wish I Didn’t Miss You (Original Mix) [New State] 2013

We owe a lot to this record. When we originally made this, it was a free booty of Angie Stone’s original vocal. Then New State signed it up, and we were able to work with the amazing country singer Alex Hart. We had two residencies in Ibiza, warmed up for Disclosure and Roger Sanchez, played the main room at Ministry Of Sound, had support from people like Pete Tong, MK and Skream as well as UK gigs all over the country!

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