The Shapeshifters - Our 5 Favourite Clubs

Being able to maintain a successful 10-year long career in dance music is no mean feat, with trends changing and evolving at a high speed rate in the modern era there are many acts that have their 15-minutes of fame and disappear just as quickly, never to be heard of again.

The Shapeshifters (AKA Simon Marlin and his Swedish partner Max Reich) have not only managed to stay relevant throughout the course of their career with over twenty years experience each, they have maintained a healthy balance with their music – allied to neither the commercial nor the underground domains (as many of today’s acts are). This has fuelled their success and helped to ensure that they are consistently in demand. In fact, during their entire 10 years together, demand for the duo has never waned and this past year has been one of their busiest on record.

Tirelessly touring the globe has also helped to cement their popularity and is the fuel behind their lengthy careers. The Shapeshifters still very much enamoured with DJing, and citing the reactions of the crowds at their gigs as one of the key factors behind their enduring love for the music.

With only days left till their guest appearance on Traxsource LIVE this Friday and new single ‘The Chase’ out Exclusively on Traxsource, Monday July 13th. Simon & Max give us 5 clubs & festivals they love to play.

Pacha, Ibiza

This club will always have a special place in our hearts. 2015 is our 9th consecutive year there. We seem to have a connection with the dance floor and for this reason we always look forward to going back. Pacha Ibiza’s defining song for us is Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings of Life.

Terrace at Amnesia, Ibiza

This was the first place we ever played in Ibiza and it encapsulates the spirit of the island perfectly. It is responsible for some of our most memorable nights on the island and the most defining track for this club has to be when we played Lola’s Theme for the first time on the island.

Nocturnal Groove Stage at Global Gathering, UK

We were privileged to be given our own stage at this festival for three years running and to this day it is one of our proudest and best moments in the history of The Shapeshifters. Our pick for this is Everything But The Girl – Missing

Air, Tokyo

It was at this club that we played to one of the best crowds we can remember. The energy in the room was something to behold!

Aquarius in Zagreb, Croatia

Some of our most memorable clubbing moments have been in this venue. We’ve always had a special connection with our fans in Zagreb and every time we’ve played in this club it was incredible. Our defining track for this club is Axwell’s remix of C-Mos ‘2 million ways’.

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