In The Studio w/ Lapsus Music honchos Supernova

Supernova are Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi; an Italian DJ and production duo that have over the last decade made the transition from rising stars to established international talent. Childhood friends from their native Florence, the Supernova project was formed back in 2003 after a chance reunion in Milan at a party. Since then they’ve set up their own label Lapsus Music and have gone on to deliver an incredible array of house music for various respected labels. This includes Kling Klong, Defected, Glasgow Underground, Z Records, Material, King Street and Toolroom to name a few.

To celebrate their current project ‘La Casa Del Camba’ out now on Traxsource, the Italian duo gave us an exclusive tour of their studio facilities along with this featured interview.

1) List all the digital and analogue equipment you have in your studios.

• MacMini + 27inch screen
• Ableton Live, Logic Studio
• Apogee Symphony
UAD Apollo 2 DUO with all plugins
API 8200A Summing Mix,
• Toft Audio ATB8
• Dangerous Dbox
• Unitor8, Audioscope 2813-E
• 2 x API 512C Pre
API 525 Comp
• Dynaudio Air15
• Neumann KH120A
• Genelec 8010
• Minimoog Voyager
• Dave Smith Polyevolver
• Dave Smith Pro2
• Roland Juno60
• Roland Super JX10
• Virus Ti Polar
• Nordlead 1
• Roland JP8080
• Roland TR8 and TB3
• Machine Mikro
• Akai S6000
• Novation Supernova
• Oberhaim Matrix 1000
• Roland JD990
• Fender Stratocaster gtr
• Rickenbacker 330/12 Thinline Gtr
• Peavy Classic 50 Ampli.

• Macbook Air + 27inch screen
• Ableton Live, Logic Studio
• Motu AudioCard 1028
SMRPO M.Patch2.1
• Adam A77 Speakers
• Alesis Speakers
• Soundcraft Spirt E12 Analog Mixer
• Mini Korg
• Novation Bass Station Keyboard
• Roland Groove Box MC 505
• NI Machine Studio
• Volca Keys
• Volca Bass
• E-mu Orbit
• Ibanez Electric Bass
• 2 x Technics MK1210
• Korg Zero4 Mixer.
• M-Audio Axiom 25 Keyboards
• Akai MPD 32
• 5k Vinyl collection

Video Tour


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Studio Interview

2) What is your favourite piece of equipment to use in the studio and why?

We like the analog keyboards like Juno60, Dave Smith Pro2, Minimoog or Volca Bass/Keys and Bass Station. They have that real special warm feeling and solid sound. We also like the fact that each sound coming from these keyboards can be unique.

3) Give us some insight into your production process. How do you typically begin constructing a track?

We usually start with a short idea. This could be a sample or a particular groove (like one we’ve made previously) that we like a lot. Once we have something solid, we try to build things around that. Sometimes we work in separate studios and then meet in one room to finish the track – this way we can be more productive and work on new ideas individually.

4) What piece of studio equipment or production process do you think defines YOUR sound?

Hard to say what piece of equipment. We feel that what defines our sound is more the way we both approach the music and the production process. Our music is always the result of what we feel and like at that moment. Then of course, some analog keyboards can always help make it warmer sometimes. :)

5) What piece of hardware/software elevated your production to a higher level & how?

During the production process, hardware keyboards like Minimoog, Juno60, MikroKorg, and Virus make a big difference for us because of their warm and fat sound textures. During the mixdown stage, the API Summing Mix, Analog Mixers, Audioscope Freq Analyzer and some UAD’s plugins like the Dangerous Master EQ and the Elisya Alpha Master Compressors help a lot. They enable us to get exactly what we want with the final mixdown. These are real game changers for us:

6) Any new equipment you’ve added to the both studios lately?

• Neumann KH120
• Dangerous D-Box
• Juno60
• Dave Smith Pro 2
• Roland TB3 and TR8.

• Motu 1028
SMPRO M.Patch 2.1
• Adam A77
• Novation Bass Station
• Volca Keys
• Volca Bass
• Ibanez Electric Bass

7) What are your essential studio supplies?

Anything that brings us in a good vibe :)

8) What list of artists have influenced your sound?

Groove Armada, Dave Mancuso, Frankie Knuckles, Inner City, Duran Duran, Kraftwerk, Public Enemy, Chemical Brothers, Craig Armstrong and Lil Louis.

9) What are your 3 favourite productions?

We’ve produced so much music so it’s so hard to choose just 3 of them. Let’s say, Electronic Love, The Circle and The World is Crazy.

‘Electronic Love’

‘The Circle’

‘The World Is Crazy’

10) What handy studio tip(s) would you pass onto your fellow producers out there?

Try to find your perfect template on Ableton or Logic / Cubase, save it and always start from there. When you can, buy at least an analog machine for your studio and work on it to find your personal sounds. Find your groove and keep it. But, first of all, always look at an exciting idea and build the track around it!

11) What new tracks should your fans be on the lookout for at Traxsource soon?

Our new original track included in Five Star Suite 3 called “La Casa Del Camba” out on Lapsus Music right now, as well as all the great releases coming out soon on Lapsus from our other various artists.

Supernova artist/label page on Traxsource.

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