Good For You Founder Kenny Summit In 5 Records

With over 25 top 10 releases in the past 2 years, Kenny Summit has become a crowd favorite in the House Music landscape. His fresh approach to producing proper House with a classic underground sensibility caught the eye of the late and great House legend Frankie Knuckles and respected producer Eric Kupper, who mentored and partnered with Kenny on numerous projects including the biggest underground anthem of 2014 “Brawls Deep”. Known for not only his prolific discography, Kenny Summit continues to increase his fan base with his incredibly entertaining DJ sets and has shared the stage with a formidable list of House Music veterans and rising-stars alike.

With his tracks on constant rotation with many of today’s underground heavyweights including Wolf & Lamb, Soul Clap, a work ethic that is second to none, and a belief that is it his “destiny” to make House Music. Kenny continues to bring his brand of House to the masses.

With Kenny’s fresh summer project ‘Piano On Fleek’ out now on his Good For You label as a Traxsource Exclusive. We ask him which trax from his substantial catalog took his career to where it is today.

Kenny Summit & Director’s Cut Featuring Yasmeen – Loving You

When you start a track, play it for the Godfather Of House, and he says “This is amazing, let’s work on it together”, you get chills that last for a month. “Loving You” was a track Eric and I started and the ever so lovely Yasmeen provided vocals for. Frankie loved the concept, and so him, Eric and I finished it together, and that was my 2nd number one hit.

Kenny Summit – Dirty Lowdown

My process of “learning music production” involved a lot of time spent ripping apart old rock, funk and soul tracks simply to see how the bands did their arrangements. This lead to quite a few, ummm, well, “reworks” of mine. I had just sent Scott Wozniak, a bunch of jams for him to play in Central Park for this big rollerskating event he was spinning at. He said, “Bro, you’re getting really good at this. You know what, you should mess around with that Boz Scaggs joint.” The next day I had the track done, I posted it on Soundcloud as a free download and sent the link to some friends. Within 10 minutes, Frankie Knuckles called me and said “Take it off Soundcloud and give it a legit release. It’s a good record and people need to hear it.” It shot to #1 in just a few days and stayed there for over a month.

The 30th Anniversary Of House Music, Mixed By Jesse Saunders & Kenny Summit

When the guy who released the 1st ever official house track on wax calls you and asks you to mix the 30th Anniversary Of House Music with him, you don’t hesitate, you jump on that opportunity. I didn’t really know Jesse, but I, of course, knew about his track On & On. I had no idea he was familiar with my music or my label, so you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I got the call to work on this project with him.

Kenny Summit & Darryl D’Bonneau – Why Me

This was the 1st track Eric Kupper, and I sat in the studio to work on. It was summer time, and I was driving up to his studio in Connecticut and was stuck in traffic in my piece of shit car with no air conditioning somewhere in Harlem on the West Side Highway. The traffic was INSANE, and the only station that would come in clearly on my car stereo was an oldies station. I got the idea for the sounds used for the “Why Me” record from a few of the songs that were playing while I was sitting there sweating my ass off. Frankie and Eric ended up doing their own mix of the jam.

Kenny Summit, Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper – Brawls Deep

I started this track in LA while teaching a friend Art, my process of taking apart tracks and reworking them. I sent it to Kupper; then he sent it to Frankie, and he called me that night, “This is it. This is what House Music is all about.” Frankie, Eric and I continued work on the track, got it polished up and then began the long, arduous process of getting Sony to approve the release. Frankie played the record 2 and even 3 times a night for the next year. This track is the last “Frankie Knuckles production” he even played at his very last gig. It is very special to a great many people, and I’m VERY EXCITED to announce that Sony will be releasing the track sometime this year, so keep an eye out.

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