SK Supreme Founder and Artist SABB in 3-2-1

Few DJs or producers inspire an entire genre with their style alone. Sabb (Sabri Kastrati), has single handedly done just that. Hailing from the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina, his Deep/Techy/Hypnotic grooves have made him an important player in the electronic music scene over the last few years. You can find many of Sabb’s releases on some of the most respected and major underground electronic labels such a Moon Harbour, Noir and most recently, Glasgow Underground. He also runs and owns the well known imprint, SK Supreme.

We caught a few moments with SABB and asked him 3 questions about his “One of Us” project, his studio set up and what makes a great gig. Find out which 2 Tracks he’s feeling at the moment and lastly his latest Release out right now on Glasgow Underground…

3 Quick Questions:

1) Hey Sabb, talk to us about your latest release “One of Us” and what influenced its musical direction.

One Of Us came together after Zach (Forrest) sent me a few vocals, and we wanted to collaborate on something together. I started to work on an instrumental around the vocals, and it went real quick real well. I literally had the track done in 3 days. I sent it over to Matthias Tanzmann, and he said that he liked the track a lot and offered a Dennis Ferrer Remix + vinyl to start with. Afterwards, the Detlef remix came to it. That’s how it all went.

“One Of Us” is a Deep groover, Influenced by the shows I had right before this track was born. I thought I should make something you can play towards the end, middle or early time of the Night. Something sexy & catchy, an “allrounder”. It has heavy bass sounds combined with hat & snare patterns topping those all with the amazing vocal from Forrest. 

2) What is your studio set-up like? Give us a brief description of your studio, gear, monitors, drum machine etc…

Adam A7x Monitors, Yamaha HS80, RME soundcard, Prophet Pro2, Moog Little Phatty, Roland System 1, & Audio6 Native Instruments soundcard.

3) Your tour schedule seems pretty busy, tell us what defines a “great” gig?

The most important is an educated crowd, and of course a nice sound system. The rest doesn’t really matter!

2 Tracks:

Here’s 2 current tracks I am feeling

David Herrero – Celebration

Piemont – High Top Sabb Remix

1 Release.

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