5 Trax That Changed The Life Of Italian Artist Flush

Italian-Belgian producer Vito de Luca – better known as Aeroplane launches a new alias, Flush, for a debut appearance on the seminal New York house imprint Strictly Rhythm. Flush’s ‘Come Back Baby’ conjures up a Balearic House sound, playing with the style of an 80’s Electronica groove, it will doubtless bloom into one of the summer’s biggest records

With ‘Come Back Baby’ out Exclusively on Traxsource via Strictly Rhythm, we caught up with Flush to pick his brain and find out 5 trax that have had major impact in his life.

1) DJ Falcon – Honeymoon.

Classic and for me the best release on Thomas Bangalter’s Roulé label. I first heard this in a record shop in Brussels when all the back catalogue was re-released The loop is perfect, the vocal is just what it needs. It kind of sounds like shit but it doesn’t. And it has the right emotion in it, weird, melancholy but that still makes you want to dance. I try to channel this emotion into everything I do. And obviously the strange silence with the cell phone buzz that would make the whole room wonder what the fuck just happened. BTW this isn’t available anywhere digitally and it’s a shame.

2) Alex Gopher – Party People.

A sample, a vocal, a beat and the funk. When I first heard this it was a whole new world for me as I was coming from a rock background. It made me DJ more Disco and Funk tracks in my sets and dive deep into black music.

3) Armand Van Helden – The Boogie Monster.

I came across this while looking for other Van Helden tracks on Napster (Yes, Napster…) and it became one of my favorites of his because of how simple it is. Again the recipe is the same, the right loop, the right groove and that kind of scary voice. Play this and watch people freak out when that high pitched synth comes in the breakdown and doesn’t seem to ever stop going up.
Are you afraid of the boogie monster ? Get down.

4) Phunky Data – Fashion (Ian Pooley Remix)

Another signature sound, the Rhodes loop, and the bass line is amazing. It also also has that perfect house swing, I can’t remember when I discovered this but it has always been one of the house records that stuck with me.

5) Daft Punk – Voyager

The quintessential Daft Punk sound. Low Fi SP1200 sound, signature Daft Punk drums, and that incredible bass line. This gets played pretty much on a daily basis in the studio as a reference. Not only this song change the way I was producing dance music but the whole album had a massive influence on everything I do.

Flush artist page on Traxsource.