Get To Know Patsada Records Artists Sonz Of The Pitch

Sonz Of the Pitch comprises of Belgian Patsada Records label owner Phil Nobel and Portuguese DJ Ricardo Martins.

Brussels-based DJ-producer Phil Nobel is joint label owner of Patsada with Miss Mee. He has recorded under various guises including Bassflex, Pimp Nobel for Robsoul and his own name. Portuguese native Ricardo Martins is a DJ, but above all he’s a musician and a big fan of Funk, Soul, Disco, and Samba. His music is inspired by many different cultures, as well as Chicago House and French Touch.

The Sonz Of the Pitch “Da Onda” EP is out now on Traxsource via Phil Weeks’ imprint Robsoul Recordings. We sat down with both men to chat about the release, their artist influences and much more in this featured interview.

Thanks for chatting with us. Tell us more about your latest project, the “Da Onda” EP, which is out right now.

We are very happy to have signed an EP with Robsoul Recordings who is a reference for us in House Music. 
It was unexpected that Phil Weeks liked and supported us after listening to our work and then signed 5 tracks for an EP. The release date matched with another EP on Patsada Records.
 Both Ep’s are mainly inspired by our South American influences.. The warm vibes of the sea, sun, Cachaca, Afro, Disco and Funk music.

Describe your music in three or four words…

Kick, Bass, Happiness, Smile.

Which artists have influenced your sound?

Phil Weeks, Moodyman, Sneak, Master At Work, Derrick Carter, DJ Premiere, J Dilla and Todd Terry.

You’re opinion on the current state of house music is…

House music is now recognized as a style in its own right inspiring others musical cultures.
 The underground is in good shape, and there’s a brighter future in front of us.

What is your dream project?

Our dream is to continue producing music the way we like it and to be on tour sharing it with people all around the world.

Is there one piece of kit you simply cannot do without?

Our Fostex 6301 speakers. If it sounds good with these, it will sound good everywhere.

What keeps you both motivated after all this time? Tell us about the highs and the lows…

At the beginning of the collaboration, the direction was not defined except for our mutual love for the music. Once we began the creative process, things just happened naturally. It’s also a human adventure, the long white nights we spend in the studio, as the creative process takes shape.

On another note, labels interested in our work keep it motivated.

Tell your fans some interesting facts they may not know about you both…

We like to cook as it helps us to develop our creativeness when you mix flavors together :) It’s similar when you DJ and it’s relaxing.

And finally, what’s next for Sonz Of The Pitch?

We’re very busy preparing Patsada Records, Marinated Music, and many other releases till the end of 2015. 
We will play at the Moove It Festival in August in the Czech Republic and Sunset Waves Reguila’s, Portugal.

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