Traxsource LIVE! #23 with JKriv

This week we welcome JKriv to Traxsource LIVE! A talented musician, DJ, and owner of multiple record labels (Deep&Disco, Razor-N-Tape), Jason Kriveloff, has been an integral part of the dance scene since the early 2000’s. He brings his funky disco vibe to the show, showcasing music from Kraak & Smaak, Frank Booker, The Silver Rider, along with some of his own remixes and edits.

Resident Brian Tappert kicks things off with a dose of New and Exclusive material from Traxsource. Including the likes of Audiowhores, Quinten 909, Mousse T., Jon Cutler and Tim Green.

Get the music from This Weeks Show:

• Weekend Weapons (July 17th, 2015 Edition):
ft. Andre Hommen, Mousse T, Purple Disco Machine, TRACE7000, Audiowhores, Boddhi Satva, Axel Boman & more.

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01. Re-Tide – The Break Is A Delight (Original) Cut Rec Promos (July 24th)
02. Audiowhores – This Is The End (Original MIx) Lapsus Music (July 16th)
03. Andy Ward ft. Sofia Rubina – Bring That Vibe (Lenny RX & Kenny Summit Mix) Tony Records (July 16th)
04. Tiga, Boys Noize, TRACE7000 – 100 (TRACE7000 Remix) Turbo Recordings (July 16th)
05. Andre Hommen – Introspectral (Original Mix) Poker Flat (July 16th)
06. HR & SKI – Ghetto Bounce (Original Mix) I’m A House Gangster (July 20th)
07. Jon Cutler, Blackfoot U-Ahk – Elevate (Junior Pappa Owl Remix) Sunclock (July 16th)
08. Alkali – Hoi Polloi (Original) MVMT (July 16th)
09. Greg Van Bueren, Yax.x, I-fan – S.O.S (Quentin 909 Remix) D-Vine Sounds (July 16th)
10. Tim Green – Eclipse – Cocoon (July 20th)
11. Angelo Ferreri – You give me (Original Mix) Materialism (June 29th)
12. Mezzo – Machines (Original Mix) Simma Red (July 16th)
13. Ponty Mython – Mila, It’s Not Over! – Dirt Crew Recordings (Aug 3rd)
14. Mousse T. – Ooh Song, Pt. 2 Peppermint Jam (July 16th)


01. Hotbath Edits – You Wanna Do – Hotbath
02. Frank Booker – It’s Time – Kolour LTD
03. Zoka – I Don’t Dance – Exploited
04. Junktion – Fling Cleaning – Razor-N-Tape Reserve
05. Secret Squirrel #5 – Side A – Secret Squirrel
06. Michael The Lion – Any Time – Razor-N-Tape
07. Inigo Voltier & Dan Solo – Higher (JKriv Remix) – La Dame Noir
08. Kraak & Smaak – Seb’s Party
09. The Silver Rider – Sly & Pat – Smokecloud
10. Talking Headits – Girlfriend (JKriv’s Better Mix) – Tugboat Edits
11. Secret Squirrel #7 – Side A – Secret Squirrel

Get the music from This Weeks Show: