In the Loop with Lupe Fuentes

Born in Colombia and raised in Madrid Spain, Lupe Fuentes has already started to make her mark on the electronic music world. On her way to living her dream of becoming an accomplished producer and DJ, Lupe is releasing tracks on credible labels such as Junior Sanchez’s ‘Brobot’ and Spain’s own ‘Undercool Productions’, plus upcoming releases on Todd Terry’s ‘Inhouse’ & NYC’s ‘Nervous Records’. Lupe Fuentes has also been rocking dancefloors, with DJ shows playing alongside artists such as Oscar G and Roger Sanchez. Her sound interweaves many sub-genres of deep, tech, tribal and Latin house music. Plus with already many releases locked and loaded, Lupe Fuentes is one artist you need to look out for.

Lupe’s hot new release ‘Bad Mothefucker’ is out right now on Traxsource. We caught up with her to talk about it, how the new ‘In The Loop’ label is progressing, what she has coming up this year and much more.

Hey Lupe, it’s been a minute. Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. Tell us where you are and how you are feeling right now.

Hey Traxsource! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Right now I am in my studio in Los Angeles and I am feeling super inspired right now!

The new release ‘Bad Motherfucker’ is out now exclusively on Traxsource – tell us in your words a little bit about it.

At the time I was producing Bad Motherfucker, I was definitely very inspired by hip hop and I just really wanted to incorporate some of the sounds and melodies from that genre. It was very interesting because before I started working on Bad Motherfucker, I was working on another track where I recorded my own vocals, but I ended up putting the vocal from the other song in Bad Motherfucker. For some reason the words just fitted better and boom, Bad Motherfucker was born! This was the first time I had ever used my own voice in one of my tracks. I’m a fan of Tarantino films and Pulp Fiction especially, so I just thought it would be cool to use the Samuel Jackson “Bad Motherfucker” sample in the track. I hope you guys like it!

How’s your ‘In The Loop’ label going? What do you ultimately want to accomplish as an imprint?

It’s going very well and it’s actually a very exciting time for the In The Loop family. We are signing tons of different artist as well as getting ready for our second In The Loop party. The first one was at Purple 33, an underground location here is LA and it went off all night; I am really looking forward to the next one! My ultimate goal with In The Loop is to really create a culture and a brand around the music; to create an urban tribe and a cool safe environment for people to be their true selves and enjoy creativity and good vibes.

What’s coming up on the label, can you give us any hints?

There are few things in store that I am very excited about. First the party, second all the upcoming releases that we have planned till the end of the year and three; we are working on the In The Loop merchandise store! This totally came out of nowhere. During WMC, I had a few In The Loop snapbacks made just for my good friends. By the second day of me being there, every single person I ran into wanted one and then I started seeing a bunch of people wearing them on social media! It was a cool process because I got to design the merchandise and I guess everyone liked it. Right now we are working on creating a few pieces including snapbacks, t shirts, hoodies and a few different items that you are going to have to wait to see.

Where does a music media store like Traxsource fit into your musical agenda?

Traxsource plays a very big part for me personally. As a producer and label owner, you guys are one of the most important outlets that help artists to get their music out to the people. At the same time, as a DJ, Traxsource is my first stop for underground music!

Best gig of 2015 so far and why?

If I have to pick one I would say last May at Focus OC. I especially remember that night as there was an electric energy going all around the room and people were just dancing without caring about anything else. That included me behind the decks, I danced my ass off! ha ha! Those guys were awesome!

Where can your fans catch you playing over the next few months and what is next for you?

I have several dates in the calendar and I am always adding new ones as they come in. When I am at home, I do play regularly at Sound in LA. They have such a great scene there! Make sure to stay tuned and check out my tour dates on

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