Stems - The Game has Changed

The world of DJing has changed forever.

Have you ever wished you could isolate a vocal from one track and seamlessly place it on top of another? Have you ever wanted to effortlessly switch bass lines and drum patterns in the middle of a mix? Well with the latest open multi-track audio format ‘Stems’, creatively minded DJs and producers can remix on the fly with the minimum of fuss.

The new Stems file format allows the user to freely interact with each tracks separate musical elements. This means you can isolate vocals, drums and bass lines for your Stems files, opening up a new world of possibilities to create mixes, mashups and instrumentals in real time.

Sounds complicated right? Check out the great video below from ‘Digital DJ Tips’ to see how easy it is to create exciting remixes completely on the fly -

As you can see, Stems is about to redefine what a DJ and producer can create live though this totally innovative new file format.

We have over 80 Stems tracks available on our new dedicated page, with elements provided by labels such as Poker Flat, Toolroom, Turbo Recordings and Lapsus Music for you to download and change the way you DJ today.

Click Here To View Stems On Traxsource

We have even teamed up with Native Instruments to launch a competition featuring some amazing Stems compatible prizes, including a Traktor S8, Traktor D2, Traktor F1 and some Traxsource vouchers.

We have used 8 Stems files to create a brand new remixed song and all you have to do is ID as many of the tracks as you can. Simply click on the link below before midnight EST on Friday 14th August 2015 to add your answers to the competition and have a chance to win some amazing prizes. The game has changed, wanna play?