Listen to the Flow of Franky Rizardo

This week we are pleased to announce that Franky Rizardo will be our guest DJ for the Traxsource LIVE! #26 radio show which premieres on Friday 7th August 2015. We had a quick chat with Franky about all things house, including his new label LTF Records and it’s first release ‘True Love’ available here on Traxsource.

Hi Franky. What is the ethos behind your new label LTF Records?

Hi Traxsource! LTF Records originates from the brand FLOW. This is my radio show every Friday on Slam FM. We are now almost at the 100th episode and evolved into doing events and stages across Europe with artists performing like Jamie Jones, Guy Gerber and Hot Since 82; we support quality house music. We felt it was time to have our own label because we receive so much great music from such talented artists. This was the birth of LTF Records which stands for ‘Listen To Flow’.

Which artists are you planning to release on the new imprint?

The next release is by Rotterdam based producer Stefan Vilijn called Chasing Shadows, which is a very funky bass filled EP. Furthermore we have a lot of new Dutch talent coming up: Strik & Streek, Seconds & Overtracked, Kaaiman and Georgio Star. Names which will definitely leave their mark in the coming years. We are also looking into getting some awesome names on the remix side, but for now we are focusing on these new talents.

Is there any labels that particularly inspired you before you set up your own?

Working close with Defected has inspired me so much about how to run a label properly. Simon Dunmore and the crew do everything from their authentic love for the music and always make sure the artist is performing at the best of their ability. It really is a family.

Your upcoming DJ schedule has some amazing gigs, any bookings that you are particularly looking forward to?

I’m really happy with the gigs coming up! I’m looking forward to all of them. This weekend I’m excited about closing the Defected stage at Lakedance festival. Another special one is on the 22nd of August where FLOW is hosting a party at AIR in celebration of our 100th radio show episode.

Any advice for up and coming DJs and producers looking to make their mark in industry?

Try to create your own sound, believe in yourself and always be yourself. Studio wise, I think your speaker set-up is more important than your DAW or plugins. Having a good sounding studio is vital.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’m determined to still play and produce the music I love and travel the globe with the FLOW crew filled with talented artists. It is also my dream to turn the brand into a successful night in Ibiza. Furthermore, I will still be checking Traxsource on a daily basis! :-)

Be sure to check out Franky’s first release ‘True Love’ on his new label LTF Records and also his awesome mix alongside Brian Tappet for Traxsource LIVE! on Friday 7th August 2015.

Franky Rizardo artist/label page and releases on Traxsource.

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