Inside The Track with Sean Sines

Having started DJing at 17 in Manchester, UK resident Sean Sines has accomplished a great deal in a short space of time. From working in some of the biggest clubs not only in the UK but in the world, Sean already has Pacha Ibiza, Garlands and Area 51 under his belt. He has also presented radio shows on both Juice FM and Radio City, plus produced tracks and re-edits that have caught the attention of big names such as Eric Morillo and Pete Tong.

His new release ’That Feeling’ via Whartone Records is out now exclusively on Traxsource. We caught up with Sean to get an in depth look ‘Inside The Track’ and to find out more about his production techniques.

1) Congratulations on your new release ‘That Feeling’. What was the main inspiration behind it and what prompted the musical direction on this?

Thank you very much. The track came about one night in January, I’d drank a couple of beers and went into the studio with the idea of making a track that was fun and could be played in both cool and commercial clubs. I was aiming to make a Saturday night, ‘hands in the air’ track for the ladies. I was listening to a lot of MK at the time and thought that I would do something in a similar vein.

2) Production wise, what is it about the track that you think makes it work so well in the clubs?

Whenever I make a track I always think of myself as a DJ first and think about the type of tune I would buy and what sound I know is working on the dance floor. With ‘That Feeling’ I feel there are a couple of elements that make it really work. The bass line is a simple and infectious hook; when people hear it on the dance floor its easy to groove to. Plus, who doesn’t love a huge piano break? There are a few little tricks I do with the drum programming in there that I think give the track a nice swing and keep people interested.

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3) What is the one piece of kit that you simply cannot do without?

Cubase! I was using Ableton for maybe ten years or so to edit and create bootlegs, however I could never seem to get my head around it as a production tool. My friend Nick Hussey introduced me to Cubase and I fell in love. I just find that it is the best program for me because I can get my ideas down quickly and it always seems to give a really solid sound. A lot of the plugins that come fitted as standard are also amazing and super easy to use. Without sounding too nerdy, I also find it quite nice to look at for extended periods of time compared to other DAW’s and this is important when you’re doing marathon studio sessions. 

4) What plugins / hardware did you use for the main elements of this track?

The main plugin used for this is the Korg M1 Organ. It’s been used in tons of tracks but there is something about that sound that people absolutely love. The piano was also from the M1. I felt it gave that crisp piano sound I needed for that hands in the air moment. 

I’m probably a little bit in love with Drumazon and the 909 in general. I love the sound of the kick it gives and Drumazon helps me give it a few tweaks and make it sound nice and fat.

Also there’s a plugin that I really love using on my Master Channel that Dirty Secretz turned me onto called ‘The Glue’. I don’t know how it does it but it makes everything sound huge and literally glues it all together. If you aren’t using it, you should be!

5) On this release you have a remix from fellow label artist Dirty Secretz. How did this come about and are you happy with the end result?

When I signed the record, me and Sonny were bouncing ideas off each other as to who would be great to remix it and I think we both said Dirty Secretz at the same time. Richie is an amazing producer and someone I used to hound on Soundcloud about his bootlegs or sending him things I’d done, so I thought he would like it. Feels a little bit like things have come full circle to have him remixing a track I’ve made!

I love the deeper vibe he’s given it. I like to play really long sets so I have a version for early on when I’m playing a little more deep and sexy getting people into the groove, then one for later when things are getting a little more sweaty and people are ready to cut loose.

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