Get Taken Away by youANDme

youANDme’s ‘Take Away’ featuring Black Soda drops on the 11th September via Desolat. To celebrate the release, not only will the Berlin duo be special guests on our Traxsource Live! radio show, but we will also be giving away a vinyl copy of the EP signed by Loco Dice! Check out the previews for the “Take Away” EP below.

Martin and Daniel are the acclaimed collaborative from Berlin; makers of raw, emotive underground sounds. Whilst running their ‘Rotary Cocktail’ label, they also find time to work alongside such luminaries as Moodymann, Radio Slave and Seth Troxler, whilst Martin recently turned out a well received full-length album on ‘Ornaments’ that musically explored far and wide.

Firstly, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. Tell us where you are and how you are feeling right now.

Thank you! we’re currently on tour right now and are sitting at the airport waiting for our next flight.

Tell us a little bit about how your new track ‘Take Away’ on Desolat came to be and what you were trying to convey to your listeners?

Take Away was written in the summer of 2014 with the amazing vocalist Black Soda from South Africa. The track was made with various hardware synths and we tried to create a certain deep and raw feeling. It is built on a bed of pinging drums and coarse claps, but the heaviness lifts with the arrival of Black Soda’s breezy, spoken word vocals and some colorful xylophone-like melodies. We are happy to work with Desolat because it’s a well-established label with a great pool of artists and the guys work professionally. They gave us the opportunity to have two awesome remixers; label boss Loco Dice did a fine bit of work and Pablo Bolivar also did two great versions.

Where does your artist name emanate from?

We did some bootlegs in the past under the moniker of ‘youANDme’. Later we played more DJ gigs together as a duo and the promoter asked for a project name. We remembered our secret series and liked the idea to choose it as a name for our DJ gigs. There is no deeper meaning behind the capital ‘AND’. It just looks better! Plus it provides a visual border between the you and me.

You have the sublime Black Soda on the new release. How do these types of collaborations differ from producing work just between the two of you?

Annely aka Black Soda is an amazing artist, a great person and we love her unique voice. She was in Berlin for the first time at the end of August 2014 and we invited her to our studio to record some vocals for a remix project of our Greek friend ‘Echonomist’. She was partying the whole weekend and came to my studio on Monday morning straight after Panorama Bar. I felt that she was really inspired by the magic vibe of this place. We finished the remix session and I asked her if she had an idea for the instrumental of “Take Away”. We had been listening to it and a moment later all the energy of her weekend came back for one take and it was just perfect. When she sang, we got goosebumps and we knew this song would be something special. Normally, we just send an instrumental to the artist and get back the finish vocal stems. Black Soda was one of the few artists who was in the studio and it was great to work this way.

Any memorable moments during the recording process you can share with us?

Annely was dancing at Panorama Bar with an old guy for hours and hours. She didn’t know him because she comes from a hip-hop background and is not so much into the techno scene. The guy had come to the club on Monday morning straight after finishing ‘work’; it was Sven Väth!

What kind of artists have influenced your sound?

If I think back to the earliest music, I can remember Michael Jackson and his album ‘Thriller’. My favorite tracks were ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Beat it’ because both were funky and had these great bass lines. I was born and raised in East Germany and when the wall came down I was 8 years old, it was really hard to get music from the West. Michael Jackson was one of the few pop stars that we had on vinyl and tape. Later, I got my first techno and house lessons from a radio show called ‘Clubnight’ where great DJs like Sven and DJ Pierre played regularly. I was living in a small village in the countryside and the radio show was the only possibility to discover new and fresh sounds. It was the early nineties and there was no internet at the time. The only chance was to record everything on tape and listen to it again and again. Other great artists who I really love and who had inspired me are Matthew Herbert, Carl Craig, Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus.

What machines and techniques define your sound?

It’s hard to choose only one studio tool because there are many different instruments that define our music. You will find a lot of old synthesizers and drum machines in my studio. I really love the aesthetics of the analogue stuff. It’s warm, fat and a little bit dirty. If you play a loop for example, it’s never exactly the same sound; that makes it more natural. The interaction with a real machine is necessary for the characteristic of our sound. You can play it, touch it and for me the results are more interesting.

What is the one piece of kit that you simply cannot do without?

Two months ago I bought a midi multi-clock from a small Berlin-based company called ERM and it changed our (studio) life! The multi-clock solves the sync issues of all the old machines with the DAW on a sample accurate audio clock stream, which in consequence guarantees absolutely tight signals without jitter. You have 4 outputs and you can shift and shuffle each one individually and in real time back and forth. Now my machines groove like hell and its so easy and fun to jam. We love it!

You guys also play a live set. Do you ever get nervous before a performance?

Being a bit nervous before a gig is a part of almost every artist but there are only a few places where we get really nervous. One of them is the Panorama Bar in Berlin because every gig there is something special; it’s an honour to play there.

Where can your fans catch you playing over the next few months and what is next for you?

There are a lot of gigs in Europe and Germany. Some highlights of October will be gigs in Portugal and Madeira. A gig for Desolat in their hometown of Düsseldorf and the Italian release party of our Desolat record with Pablo Bolivar in Venice. In November, we will play a tour of Asia with gigs in Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and more.

We also have different releases set to come out. In October, there will be a release with Brothers’ Vibe on the US based label Finale Sessions. We are excited because of the different approach and combination of this release.

At the end of August there was the release of our track ‘Jungle Book’ on Cocoon Recordings. It makes us happy that it gets so much support from all the big players. Sven Väth is playing it at every festival and it’s great to see how the crowd freakin’ out to our sounds!

There will also be another youANDme release featuring the vocals of ‘Gjaezon’ for one of our favorite labels, Drumpoet Community from Zürich.

Any interesting facts your fans may not know about you?

Another passion for me is to program apps where you can control your music with the wave of your hands and fingers. It’s a fresh way of interacting with your instruments, without being restrained to the conformity of the typical keyboard or midi controller. We get much inspiration for our compositions and that’s another secret weapon of us.

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Also our friends over at Desolat have put together a compilation for us featuring some of their favorite label tracks. Check it out, exclusively on Traxsource!

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