Get To Know Sishi Rosch

Guatemala may be famous for it’s coffee, but homegrown DJ/producer Sishi Rosch is looking to export his own brand of Central American flavor worldwide. Now residing in Toronto, Sishi caught the ears of heavy hitters like Soul Clap and Steve Lawler early doors and has already featured on such luminary labels as Get Physical and VIVa MUSiC.

Never one to turn down a hard day at the office, Sishi also runs FOUR of his own imprints; Raw Rhythms Limited, Digital Delight, Sultry Vibes and Close Encounters. To celebrate the release of his recent solo project, acid house EP out exclusively on Traxsource’, we sat down with the man with the plan to Get to Know Sishi Rosch.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Tell us where you are and how you’re feeling right now?

It’s a pleasure! I’m in Toronto at the moment; I will be based out of here for the whole summer actually. Lots of exciting things going on at the moment.

Tell us a little about your record labels.

I founded 3 of my imprints with my label mate Diego Moreno back when we lived in Barcelona, then just recently I just opened my 4th label solo. Many people ask me why do I have so many labels and the simple reason is that all of them have their own particular sound. ‘Digital Delight’ is the mother label; this one focuses on more funky, techy kind of stuff, as the ‘Sultry Vibes’ imprint focuses on more intimate, twisted beats. My third label ‘Close Encounters’ is strictly an output for mine and Diego’s own solo productions, we do not release music from anybody else. We really like it that way; it’s as exclusive as it gets. Lastly, my new label ‘Raw Rhythms Limited’ focuses strictly on acid house, ghetto house and hip-house, which is what I am focusing more on at the moment.

Tell us about the current release ‘Raw Rhythms Limited 003’.

RRL003 is a very special release for me; I have been saving these tracks for a while now and I am really excited to release them. The EP has gotten amazing feedback from really big artists and the response when I play them has been really great. It’s a straight forward underground acid house EP. I have been crafting my sound this year into quite a bit of acid house; sound that started in Chicago, New York and Detroit back in the 90’s.

What’s the Raw Rhythms musical direction, mission and overall goal?

I am focusing strictly on acid, ghetto and hip-house rhythms for this label. I really don’t have a mission or a goal, its really simple; to release quality, underground house music. I really don’t care about signing ‘hit’ tracks that will make it into the top 100 charts, just because a specific musical genre or style is popular at the moment. On the contrary, I am interested in signing straight up raw, underground cuts that make dance floors shake. The more underground, the better. Simple as that.

How do you A&R a record for the label, what are you listening for?

I don’t really have a process for it. If it’s good, it’s good! I definitely have to hear a track quite a few times and also road test it before I sign anything. If the response in the club is strong and it still sounds good even after I hear it 50 times, then I’ll sign it. I have always followed my musical motto to this day; always quality over quantity. That is why the average waiting time to release on any of my labels is 1 year.

What’s next for you?

I have some upcoming shows in North America, plus a couple of label showcases in Toronto and Atlanta. Plus I have a new release, the VIVa MUSiC EP, out on Steve Lawler’s imprint at the beginning of 2016. I am really excited for this, as Steve has been a long time major influence and I am really thankful for all the support he has given me in the past few months. I’m a big fan of his label and his productions. I also have some other big plans in the works that I can’t talk about at the moment. Definitely stay tuned!

Sishi Rosch artist page and releases on Traxsource.