Teddy Douglas 5 Favorite Nervous Records

To celebrate the release of Teddy Douglas’ amazing ‘Check It Out’ on Nervous Records, we asked him to give us a rundown of his favorite tracks on the legendary New York house imprint. After all, there’s plenty to choose from!

Baltimore native Teddy landed his first club residency in 1983. During this time he meet Thommy Davis and Jay Steinhour, with the trio going on to form the infamous Basement Boys Productions. Not only did they discover Ulta Nate, they also produced Mass Order’s “Lift Every Voice” and Crystal Waters worldwide smash “Gypsy Woman”. Serious house pedigree, or should we say Ted-igree!

Track and Feel Events – Yes he is

This track is a huge classic here in Baltimore at Club Paradox. The Billy Preston sample was awesome.

Byron Stingly – It’s Over

Worked with my friend Byron on numerous records for Nervous. This one has to be my favorite. Heard Kerri Chandler killing this in Europe. It sounded so sweet!!!

Kim English – Time for Love

Kim English has had many great tunes on Nervous. ‘Learn to Love’, ‘Tomorrow’, but ‘Time for Love’ is my all time favorite jam.

Zack Toms – Get up Everybody

My absolute favorite version is the original track with Byron singing over it. Brilliant! I carry this version with me everywhere I go.

Lonnie Clark – Rushing

Mood II Swing made some great records during this period. This was one of them!

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