Robosonic's 5 Favorite Hip Hop Tracks

It’s not often you secure a living legend on your track, but Robosonic managed to pull off a masterstroke with their latest release ‘Free Flow’ on Simma Black. Featuring the mighty Boogie Down Productions master of ceremonies KRS-ONE, we sat down with the Berlin boys to discuss their 5 favorite hip hop joints of all time. Word up!

Masta Ace – Good Old Love

We never get tired of this rap song. 9th Wonder made this beauty of a beat out of a brilliant movie score. What an honour it would be if we could get Masta Ace to record a vocal feature over a house interpretation of the very same sample!

Pharcyde – Runnin

Probably one of Pharcyde’s best jams on the 1995 album ‘Labcabincalifornia’. It samples Stan Getz & Luis Bonfa, giving the beat a very soulful, touching vibe. The lyrics are about growing up and why you can’t keep runnin’ away from your troubles. Amazing track.

Funkdoobiest – Dedicated

Dedicated, dedicated, dedicated! This original DJ Muggs production from 1995 is a reflection off the hustle; an ode to hope and a thank you to the Funkdoobiest family and friends. Much love for Puerto Rico!

KRS-One – MCs Act Like They Don’t Know

Classic, timeless mid-90s DJ Premier production with KRS doing what he does best. There was loads of other Boogie Down Productions stuff way earlier, but ‘Sound of the Police’ was probably the first KRS solo joint we got hooked with and this one. It has always been about KRS’ delivery; the infinite breath and power in his voice combined with his thoughtful, reflected progressive mindstate which made him a real institution in hip hop culture.

EPMD – Da Joint

Big party tune! There is a bunch of other influential EPMD bangers and Erick Sermon productions in general, but this one is just outstanding and everlasting. Bragging and boasting at it’s best. Great sing-along!

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