The Dirt on Deep Love 15

It’s been quite a year for the dynamic Dirt Crew Recordings and they show no signs of slowing down with the release of ‘Deep Love 15’. The 16-track compilation features fresh beats from the likes of Brame & Hamo, Ponty Mython, Voyeur, Homework and Nachtbraker alongside some serious new talent like Loz Goddard, Kito Jempere and Downtown Party Network.

Deep Love 15 is available now on Traxsource: HERE

Dirt Crew have a great track record of shining a light on everything that is right about house music, so don’t sleep on this selection of established names and hot new talent. With a real blend of moods and flavors, this compilation is a must have for DJs who really want to cause some damage on the dance floor. We had a chat with Berlin based label owner Peter Gyselaers about each track on the compilation, as we got The Dirt on ‘Deep Love 15’.

1. Laurence Guy & Harry Wolfman – The Schrew

Two very exciting newcomers from Manchester, we will soon release a full EP with Harry and Loz Goddard also.

2. Brame & Hamo – Triple Treat

The rise of these boys has been great in the last year! This new cut is exactly what their sound stands for, hip hop fuelled deep house with great bass and melody.

3. Nachtbraker – Catch Up

The Amsterdam-based Nachtbraker is becoming a regular on our label and “Catch Up” is a little teaser for his upcoming full release in December. Stay tuned!

4. Soul of Hex – Mirror Makers

Tijuana/ LA based producer Sebastien Vorhaus other side project gives us a great deep, disco filled groove. He also recently did a cool co-op with Ponty Mython.

5. Loz Goddard – That Same Thing

Loz is another new face from London and got our attention with his great EP for Fouk’s “Outplay” label. He will do a full EP early next year with Harry Wolfman.

6. Homework – Pleister

Amsterdam’s finest Homework are good buddies with the Detroit Swindle guys and share the same Studio spaces. We got to know these cats along the way and are happy to have them on board for the first time.

7. Voyeur – The Long Way Home

Being protégés of Mr. Kerri Chandler, these guys did great things on “Madhouse” earlier this year. Their track is our personal fave on this compilation. True classic house.

8. Ponty Mython – Let Me Show You The City

The Vilnius-based Russian producer released a stunning EP last month on Dirt and shows us even more of his great talent here. Outstanding, unique music.

9. Kito Jempere – Dizzy Talks

Our other Russian artist from St. Petersburg is Kito Jempere, very jazzy and twisted house as no one else makes it. A truly original sound.

10. Downtown Party Network – Inch of Light

More Eastern European flavours from Vilnius boy “Saulty” aka “Downtown Party Network”. A straight up deep and bassy dance floor tune.

11. Kyodai – Tieflicht

This is a real gem. A proper journey by the Spanish brothers Kyodai, a great mix of house and Detroit techno.

12. Rhythm Operator – Truth

The Austin-based producer contributed to our last ‘Deep Love’ comp and we are very happy to have another of his Chicago/Detroit mix tracks. Taking it back to the roots.

13. Waifs & Strays vs. PBR Streetgang – See Me Now

A fine collab of these two producer duos, this is what you get if two good teams work together. Very unique sounding.

14. Edit Murphy – Maybe One Day We Can Be Friends

LA producer Edit Murphy has always been a fave of ours. This Acid groover is a real good dance floor mover.

15. Schmutz – Lies

Coming to the more Techno side of the comp, the Belfast duo drop another one of their filthy, dirty tracks. Schmutz means Dirt in German; a perfect fit!

16. John Barera – True to Yourself

On our many travels to Boston, we got to know John very well and we played together a couple of times. He also did an EP for us a few years back. His talent has become more recognised since his album on Steffie’s ‘Dolly’ label last year, together with his partner Will Martin.

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