Dr. Packer In 5 Records

Dr. Packer has had a great year, with releases on Z Records, Midnight Riot, Good For You Records and also topping our Top 20 Nu Disco Artists of 2015 so far.

His latest release is the amazing 5-track ‘Sensational Love’ EP on Masterworks Music, available now exclusively on Traxsource. This EP is a serious must purchase for any sophisticated Nu Disco aficionados, so to celebrate the release, we sat down with the Australian ace as he explained his Dr. Packer musical highlights in 5 Records.

Dr Packer – Feels Like Dancing (Hot Digits)

This was my 4th edit/rework under the Dr Packer name and was the first one that caught the attention of the bigger name DJs. It was charted in LNTG’s current top ten for that month, was an the debut release of Fingerman’s ‘Hot Digits’ label and a year or so after the release it came back to life when Greg Wilson discovered it. He played it several times, including at Glastonbury and on his recent tour of the USA this year.

Samson & Delilah – I Can Feel Your Love Slippin’ Away [Dr Packer Remix] (Z Records)

Only recently released, my journey so far in the edit world has grabbed the attention of the legendary Joey Negro which was a huge surprise. He let me loose on one of my fave compilations of all time ‘Destination Boogie’ and I chose this as it is my favourite track from the comp. To have it officially released on Z Records is a dream come true and I was really pleased with how the remix turned out.

Change Of Heart [Dr Packer’s Epic Voyage] (Disco Dat)

This was the edit that really cranked things up a notch for me as a producer. Things were going OK; I’d had a few uploads on Soundcloud and around 500 followers at the time. Then I uploaded this, it was reposted by Dimitri From Paris and I instantly zoomed past 1,000 followers! He even requested a copy along with a few others, which was really good exposure for me. I also had a few other A-List DJs asking for a copy of this particular edit, so it’s a tune that definitely took things further for me.

Give It All You Got [Dr Packer Rework] (Disco Dat)

This was my first attempt of a proper edit/rework. The first tune that popped in my head was Keni Burke’s ‘Rising To The Top’ as it is probably my all time favorite soul tune, well, certainly in my top 5 anyway! I finished it thinking it was OK; at the time I was listening to a lot of Fingerman shows and he seemed like a nice friendly guy so I sent him the edit. I heard nothing back from him, so presumed he probably wasn’t into it. Then I was on a flight to the UK and I had dumped his latest show on my iPod before I left. As I was listening on the plane and I heard it come into the mix! He announced it as Greg Packer (my former DJ name), so I guess this edit will always be special to me.

Dr Packer – Sunshine (Masterworks)

Released a while back on ‘80’s Childs’ Masterworks label; my take on Rockers Revenge ‘Walking On Sunshine’. Another big tune to tackle and there has been many versions of this, but it still didn’t put me off having a go at it! I was delighted when it hit number 1 on the Traxsource Nu Disco Essential chart and even more chuffed when it got pressed to vinyl; something that doesn’t happen to me much these days! ha ha! This always gets a great dance floor reaction, so I guess it’s one of those edits that will always be in the crate!

Dr. Packer artist page and releases on Traxsource.