Amazing Burning Man Photography by Kim Hardy

The dust has finally been brushed off the shoulders of the Burning Man 2015 attendees and we were lucky enough to have our good friend and professional photographer Kim Hardy in attendance. Kim is a portrait photographer from London and what better place to curate some striking imagery than on the Playa at the world’s craziest festival.

Having attended the festival ourselves, it truly is an experience like nothing else on this planet. The art and sculptures are simply mindblowing, with a soundtrack provided by some of the best DJs around. Anything goes at Burning Man, but the whole ethos of the event is far from just a big rave in the desert, as Kim explained -

“This year was my first Burn, travelling from the UK and enduring countless hours of preparation, I was finally on the Playa. I was overwhelmed with not only how stunning the dry lake bed environment was but also the challenges I faced while enduring the dust storms and sometimes bitter cold nights as well as scorching hot days. However, what I remember most is the sheer vast amounts of creativity. I believe there is more of it per square foot than anywhere else on Earth and the energy it creates among the people is infectious. You can truly live moment to moment at Burning Man and radical self expression is accepted as normal. These are a few moments captured through my lens, hope you enjoy.”

Photographers Kim Hardy (left) and Robert Braid at Burning Man

Burning Man really is a once in a lifetime experience, so if you’ve never had the chance to attend, why not check out some of Kim’s photos for a real slice of the amazing people and art that make the experience totally unique to anything else on the planet.

Click here to view Kim Hardy’s amazing Burning Man photography