Lovebirds Top 10 Disco Jams

To celebrate the release of ‘Icarus’ featuring Galliano on Teardrop Music, we sat down for a chat with Hamburg’s very own Sebastian ‘Basti’ Doering aka Lovebirds. We absolutely love this solo project and with support from the likes of Tom Middleton, Jimpster and Ben Watt, it’s seems we’re not alone.

The ‘Icarus’ release features 3 completely different styles of mix, from the seriously smooth slice of funk fuelled nu disco of the orginal, to the deep house flavors of Mr. Beatnik’s remix via Syncopix’s jazzy D&B interpretation. Great to see acid jazz legends Galliano featuring too, a real coup for Sebastian and a serious match made in heaven.

We sat down to discuss Lovebirds favorite disco jams and it was great to hear from the man himself that he created this Top 10 without trying to be to cool for school. Sebastian said –

“I’m not going to try to list some really underground and weird tunes here because that’s not how I am; that’s not what this era means to me. It was filled with amazing producers, musicians and songwriters. Also with tracks of this dimension – there’s no real ranking, they are all equally great!”Lovebirds

1) Marta Acuna – Dance, Dance, Dance

Patrick Adams is the best disco producer by far! The amount of insanely awesome and unique tracks he produced is out of this world. I could do just a Patrick Adams top 10 here easily! I discovered this one rather late, just knowing the music from a Joey Negro cover version by his Sunburst Band project. Actually, there was an old Italian disco house record called ‘Planet Funk’ by Alex Neri that sampled the bass line too. Amazing track and if I could only take one disco tune to a lonely island, it would be this.

2) Richie Havens – Going Back To My Roots

It doesn’t get more classic than this. I mean even the drum drops in the intro are like a trademark of this song. Not to mention one of the best piano hooks EVER! His voice is so touching; nothing comes close to this kind of music. Nobody can resist it either, I’ve tried to on many occasions!

3) BB&Q Band – Dreamer

This is one of my favourite 80’s soul jams; it’s just perfect. The 808 drums, the synths, the song, the vocal. I will never get tired of listening to this!

4) Eddie Kendricks – Intimate Friends

Beautiful slow jam by Mr Hendricks. Again, I’m such a sucker for a good, catchy chord progression. It’s really slick and I think the slowness makes it even slicker.

5) Change – Glow Of Love

Mmmm, I think Luther never sounded better! Beautiful song, production, vocal and instrumentation; just perfect. I really like the sound of it too. The drums and the bass sound so special; really up to date.

6) Gwen McCrae – Keep The Fire Burning

This was one of my first disco records and I loved it to death from the first moment I heard it. I actually did a track with Mousse T in the 90s at his studio in Hannover back then and I remember there are different versions of it. I prefer the one that starts with a clavinet coming after the bass (there are others that have a Rhodes there) super tight production, monster bass line and Mrs McCrae’s vocals. Need I say more?

7) Chic – I Want Your Love

I think this was my first real disco moment. When the strings come in after the chorus and are doubled with the horns; wow! That gave me a little peek on the dimensions of disco!

8) Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover (Dims Edit)

Prince has to be on a list like this for sure and with this edit I had some of the most incredible moments in my DJ career. Seriously, just writing this makes me think of how this track blew people’s minds on the dance floor so many times. One of the best edits ever.

9) The Clash – Magnificent Seven

Yeah right, those punks need to be in here too! So funny how disco elements made it into punk. It’s such a great track! Love the congas and percussions and how good is that bass line?

10) Patrice Rushen – You Remind Me

Mrs Rushen has to be on a list like this! There’s a ton of brilliant songs that could be here as well, but this one is a little less clubby. Great instrumentation and production.

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