Intacto ADE 12' Compilation

ADE is just around the corner and we at Intacto Records just can’t wait for the best and hottest dance event of the year to get started. That’s why Amsterdam based DJ/Producer Shinedoe (co-founder of Amsterdam imprint Intacto Records) have put together a special
ADE 2012 COMPILATION and added a radiating SHINEDOE MIX
With ten handpicked gems of the 2012 Intacto catalogue, this ADE compilation
shows why Amsterdam is clearly on the global dance map.

Intacto’s unique and underground sound is represented with international artists like
Julien Chaptal, Itamar Sagi and Chube.Ka. So get ready for five days of dance music awesomeness at ADE with Intacto’s 2012 compilation. We’ll see you in Amsterdam!