The Splendor & Squalor of Brame & Hamo

Dynamic deep house dons Brame & Hamo continue to go from strength to strength this year with a brand new imprint; Splendor & Squalor. The Irish duo, who finished second in our Top 20 Deep House Artists of 2015 so far, celebrate the launch of the label with a heavyweight 5-track release ’The Cotton Club EP’.

All 5 tracks offer up a wide range of eclectic styles and influences, with some seriously old school hip-hop flavours rubbing shoulders with some jackin’, deeper house joints. We sat down with the boys to talk about the interesting direction the label is heading, as we got deep into the Splendor & Squalor of Brame & Hamo.

1. Great name for a record label! How did it come about?

After deciding to make the label, the name was the thing. We both loved the contrast, clean & dirty, rich & poor, good & bad. We think that these come across in the music.

2. What kind of sound will the label be purveying?

Definitely the hip-hop and jazz sound but of course that can also change. We’re pretty open.

3. The Cotton Club EP features a range of different styles. Will this be a norm for Splendor & Squalor releases?

Maybe. This label is just our own project at the moment, so there really is no structure to it, but we will definitely be experimenting with stuff on it with future releases.

4. Are there any particular artists that you think would be the right fit for Splendor & Squalor?

We haven’t really thought about putting out original music by other people, but if we could get anyone it would probably be Moodymann or Andrés.

5. Track three ‘In Control’ is a proper old school style hip-hop joint. Is that sound something that’s influenced you over the years?

Yes of course. Although we were both born in and around the golden age of hip-hop and weren’t listening to it as newborns, we most definitely got into it. Haha, that sound has definitely influenced both of us and our direction on the label.

6. What kind of hip-hop artists do you like?

Too many to name but we’ll name a few. Old stuff like “A Tribe Called Quest”, “The Roots”, “Eric B. & Rakim” to more of the newer UK artists like “Fliptrix”, “Verb T”, “Ocean Wisdom” and of course Irish hip-hop act “This Side Up” who are one of our (Hamo) brothers and friends.

7. How does it feel to be rated number 2 in our Top 20 Deep House Artists of 2015 so far?

Feels great. Thanks a lot. We really didn’t expect to be named at all.

8. Where’s the most splendid place you’ve ever visited?

Roberto’s! It’s a takeaway in Sligo. Unreal burgers, man.

9. If you found yourself living in squalor, what would be the thing you would least like to sell?

Probably ass.

10. How do you see the future of the label?

Well for the near future, we are working on 003 at the minute and planning 004. Maybe we will incorporate some of our friends in there. Who knows, but hopefully people keep digging the stuff we put out.

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