Bicep Flex Their Digital Muscles

Feel My Bicep is a label that people trust when it comes to cutting-edge house music. Having been exclusively a vinyl only label, the Belfast duo of Andy and Matt have now decided to also release their sublime sounds digitally to the masses.

We now have five amazing Bicep digital EPs available here at Traxsource, so we thought we’d sit down with the Belfast boys to discuss this new direction and what prompted the move towards adding a digital element to their already impressive musical muscle.

After being a vinyl only label, what decisions were taken to launch digitally?

One of the main decisions was that as we have toured more, it has just become a lot harder to play vinyl. We had many nightmares turning up and seeing bad turntables, feedback, broken needles, crap monitors; you name it, we dealt with it. We decided to also release digitally because if we are now mainly travelling and playing digital, it makes more sense.

You have 5 releases now available on Traxsource. Do you feel these are a good representation of the label’s ethos and sound?

Well yeah, they are all we have released so would describe it more of a journey, rather than an ethos. Generally there is a kind of poppy, underground track on the a-side of each EP which we have tried to keep consistent across all releases.

Will your digital editions be released at the same time as the vinyl?

We haven’t thought that far ahead yet. It’s becoming harder to get a solid vinyl release date with the nature of how it is manufactured, so we may possibly need to accommodate delays in the vinyl production, meaning we would need to schedule it for a few weeks advance on the digital.

Will any Bicep releases be digital only?

We have discussed this for down the line, but have no plans as of yet.

Which famous label would you love to emulate in terms of longevity and releases?

We don’t really operate as a normal label, as Feel My Bicep it is more of an outlet for our own music, so its quite hard to compare.

Who’s your biggest musical inspiration?

We are big fans of Aphex Twin, which can be probably said for a lot of people in electronic dance music! ha ha! Love lots of old Laurent Garnier, Mathew Herbert and also Omar S. More recently, we’ve been really into Benjamin Dammage, who is consistently nailing it.

Do you have any favorite singers or producers that you’d love to work with? Away from house music, is there anyone you would love to write a track with?

At the moment it’s quite hard to imagine working with someone else. We have done quite a lot of collaborations in the past few years, but now feel we have reached the stage where we want to concentrate making stuff with others, which makes it quite a hard question at this stage. If you asked last year, we would have had lots of answers!

Amongst your peers, who do you think hits the spot almost every time as a DJ or producer?

The Optimo boys are pretty on-point with the diverse nature of the sets they play. It’s always a joy to watch those guys. Martyn and Steffi are also great every time.

Is there anything you’d like to achieve away from music?

I think we will venture out of music for a while at some stage, but don’t feel like doing something else quite yet so can’t image what that could be.

Bicep artist/label page and releases on Traxsource.

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