Toby Tobias - Inside the 'Rising Son' Album

Toby Tobias is a name that has long been synonymous with cutting edge, disco influenced underground music. With releases on the likes of Rekids, Beat Freeze Records, Brontosaurus and Dialect Recordings, Toby’s unique sound has been turning the heads of the more discerning dance music consumers for almost a decade and he shows no sign of slowing down in 2015.

His latest album ‘Rising Son’ is now available on the Delusions of Grandeur imprint and features 14 serious cuts of the highest quality. Full of spacey, atmospheric Nu Disco funk, this really is a perfect journey into the sound that makes Toby Tobias such a high quality producer. We decided to sit down with the British producer to discuss each individual track from the album, as we went Inside the Rising Son with Toby Tobias.

  • ‘Rising Son’ Album is available on Traxsource: HERE

The Wonder – feat Be Atwell

This started life as an old Boogie tune – I was gonna edit it but couldn’t get it in tune so re-played and embellished the bass line myself (doubled it up with a sub helped with this tune a lot). Then I got old mate Pete Z to play the strings on the Juno, Be Atwell to sing over it and then finally added some 808 beats.

Love Affair

This was my attempt at a proper song structure. It had lyrics too, but sung normally they didn’t work. When I was in Singapore I came across a guy called Kevin Guoh playing vocoder funk over some records in a club. It was really good, like Roger Troutman style. We swapped details and when I got back in UK file swapping commenced!

Hot 22

This is the label’s favorite track. It’s a melodic yet deep and raw track; I have a soft spot for these kinds of things. I love a good melody and harmony.


This started life as a techno track after experimenting with a percussion sample. The techno track was good, but when one day I slowed it right down to 100 bpm it had a really weird sleazy sound and I thought would fit the album better. TIP if you have the vinyl – try this on 45 instead of 33 – it still works :)

Only Gettin Better

I think I’d been listening to a lot of Actress at this time. Love him and his weird muddy funk. I guess I wanted to try a slightly more soulful take on muddy techno. With pitch bending synths for extra cosmic-ness and Be Atwell on the vox again.

Sending Signals

I think this is my favorite track on the album, it feels and flows right and it creates a nice mood.

I Robot

This is a cover of ‘I Robot’ by Alan Parsons Project. I got hold of the sheet music and fancied doing a very deep arpeggiatied affair. The bass is muddy on this but no other sound worked – I tried, so kept it as is!

Broken Computer

So my computer crashed midway through making a track. It didn’t totally shut down though. It got stuck in this weird loop about 20 times slower than the original track. This is what you hear. Captured on my iPhone and then bounced back on the computer. That is pretty much it complete with me mumbling in the background!

Ban Co Nights

This is an old, trance type affair. Weird glitchy beats, just me having fun really! It’s named after my halls of residence in Saigon this year where I lived with 3 guys called Dan.

Vague Vogue

This was another old disco track that I used the melody for, mainly the chords – as inspiration shall we say. I added a boogie style bass and then tried some vocals but felt it was better as an instrumental. This is a bit of a hidden favorite for a lot of people.

Friday Analogue Jam

It’s exactly what it says on the tin. A jam on the 808, sh101 and Juno 60. I edited the track and then added some extra mood strings.

Whisper It

This is one of the oldest tracks on the album. It started life as a full track, but lost the arrangement and then I didn’t feeling the whole track was good enough. I was really feeling the strings though, so made a short skittish track for the album out of it.

Weird Danger

This is my prototype house / boogie track – always loved digging stuff like this up in dusty old record shops. Weird boogie from New York or Italy or London. Now I have an 808 I had the right tools to have a go, so I did!


This is the oldest track on the album, but it was always going to be on here. It’s a nice feel good piece of house music.

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