Get to Know Bambossa Records with Harry Romero

Harry Romero has been at the forefront of the house music movement since he burst onto the scene way back in 1995. With a unique and distinctive sound all of his own, you know when a Harry Romero joint is ripping through the club! With a stream of releases on the likes of Subliminal, Strictly Rhythm, Defected, Ovum and Toolroom, it’s great to see Harry return with his own label Bambossa Records.

The imprint releases his own work exclusively, with his latest main room stomper ‘Love Me Now’ featuring an interesting twist on the vocals of house music legend Robert Owens. We sat down with Harry to discuss the track and the relaunch of the label, as we Get to Know Bambossa Records with Harry Romero.

Hi Harry, thanks again for chatting with us. How was your summer? Any highlights for you?

This summer was quite busy as I got to play at some really cool spots, including Ibiza. One of the stand out events was playing to a crowd of 14,000 people in Bosnia. It was insane to see the crowd picking up what I was putting down.

You’ve recently relaunched Bambossa Records this year. What made you decide the time was right now?

It just felt right. My output in the studio is quite prolific and it’s impossible for any one label to put out all my music. The plan was to use Bambossa to sort of fill in the gaps in my release schedule. That plan has since changed as I am now making my brand priority number one.

Give us a brief history about the Bambossa label and its beginnings.

Bambossa was always meant to be a small boutique type label. I never had a game plan really for the label. It was mostly a situation of, if it felt right to release, I did. I started releasing records in the late 90’s and early 2000’s with tracks like ‘Tania’ and ‘Night at the Black’. Those were super important tracks in my career and I am glad I kept the rights to those two. Bambossa has always been based in good old New Jersey.

What’s the labels musical direction, mission and overall goal today?

The musical direction is everything from house to techno and everything else in-between. I will only put tracks out that I play. Pretty simple. The end all is to get the brand big enough where I am doing my own events whilst continuing to release top quality music.

Tell us a little about the current release ‘Love Me Now’ with the legendary Robert Owens.

Well, Robert and I go way back. We made a little track that came out about 12 years or so ago titled ‘I Go Back’. I had this groove up in my studio with a rough arrangement and I kept hearing his voice on the track. I simply reached out to him and within a few days I had the vocals he cut in London. I sat on them for a few months to be honest. I wasn’t ready yet to work on the track – this happens from time to time. I didn’t want to force the fit, so I waited. A few months later I jumped in head first and reconstructed the whole thing in a matter of hours.

How do you find time touring extensively as you do as a DJ, produce such an impressive release schedule and now re-launch your old imprint? What keeps you so motivated?

Here comes the cliche! ha! What keeps me motivated is my love for the music. It’s really that simple. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it.

How do you A&R a record for the label? What are you listening for?

Right now that part of the process is really simple because I’m only releasing my music. The hard part is sometimes trying to figure out what to keep for Bambossa and what to give away to the other labels.

What’s next for you? Plug Away!

Up next for me is an EP on Circus Recordings, some follow up music for the legendary Subliminal Records, and an EP for Material Recordings, a vinyl release on a new label Darius Syrossian is launching, a follow up release on NYC home grown label Nervous Records with my boy Joeski and some serious left brain music coming on Bambossa. Stay tuned!!!

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