3 Effortless Routes Back to the Old School!

The Roland Boutique series are three brand new limited edition sound-modules from synth maestros Roland, based on three of their most loved vintage analog synthesisers.

The Roland Juno 106, Jupiter and JX synths have graced more house music releases that we can count, and still form an important part of many a studio set up. Think back to some of your favourite moments on the dance floor or behind the decks; we would bet good money that at least some of those moments were spent dancing to the speaker-shaking bass lines, acid leads and gorgeous pads generated by these classic Roland synths.

The new modules are only the size of a book, but still pack a punch and feature faithful reproductions of the legendary sounds and ease of use of the originals. They are built for performance and are fantastically tactile, coming equipped with ribbon controllers, step sequencers and plenty of onboard sliders and knobs for full real-time jamming, just like their old-school counterparts. And with their retro font and layout they look very fetching too.

Fully portable for music making on the go, the Roland Boutique series give you a chance to recreate the classic sounds of house music history, with complete compatibility with your digital set up and without the hefty second-hand prices of the original machines. All those acid lines, fat basses and heart-stopping pads can now be yours – we strongly recommend you check Roland’s Boutique series out!

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