Who is Kaiser Souzai?

Kaiser Souzai’s sound is far from that of the ‘Usual Suspects’! Hailing from Berlin, the dynamic duo began as a producer only project, but can now be found dominating dance floors worldwide with their unique techno based flavors.

Their latest release is the superbly titled ‘Love.Rave.Accelerate’ on their very own Ballroom Records. Featured three slices of seriously atmospheric techno, it’s easy to see how the Kaisers are filling clubs and festivals across the globe. Turning the heads of the seasoned tastemakers such as Sven Väth, UMEK, Steve Lawler, John Digweed and Stacey Pullen, their latest release is sure to get the pulses pounding of techno connoisseurs worldwide. But who are Kaiser Souzai?

Thank you guys for chatting with us. So tell us WHO exactly is Kaiser Souzai?

Kaiser Souzai is Markus Kaiser & Alex Souzai

We take it your favorite movie is the ‘Usual Suspects’?

Yes, Keyser Söze, was the villain in that movie, a secret mafiosi, who nobody has ever seen. BUT he was controlling the scene, hidden in the shadows.

Does the Keyser Söze character in anyway personify what you’re going for in your music – or are we just over thinking it?!

As Keyser Söze in the movie, we started out also sort of hidden in the shadows! Kaiser Souzai was a producer project only. No faces, no live shows; only releases. Of course, that changed when we started to play out and tour and now everybody knows who we are and what we look like.

Tell us about your current EP ‘RAVE.LOVE.ACCELERATE’ on your very own Ballroom imprint…

As with most of our music, it has a deep soundtrack. Like an overlay of colors on top of some dark bouncy tech-house/techno rhythms. On RAVE we added a 90s rave-melody touch. LOVE is also a bit out of the box and pushes incredibly hard after the drop. ACCELERATE is a hard driving piece of Techno, with that totally spaced out break and mainroom mayhem!

You guys also run and own the Ballroom Records label?

It all came from a very simple idea; we wanted to release records with our own vision. Music with no compromises to our sound, which you sometimes have to do when thinking of releasing on other labels. This is 100% pure Kaiser Souzai.

What’s the imprint’s musical direction, mission and overall goal?

Soundtrack inspired, spaced out, but driving Techno with sprinkles of Progressive Tech-House and Artrock. Using live percussion, guitars and other instruments, the mission is to keep on following our path until we drop dead and hopefully reach and inspire others before that happens. Music is love and that should always shine through.

You mentioned you were now touring as KS – what gigs have you got coming up?

We are in Argentina this very moment. Next highlights are Beirut and then a big tour that will include Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali and Shanghai.

What’s next for Kaiser Souzai?

We are planning to do a full documentary during the upcoming tour. We don’t want to give too much away, but this will be done with groundbreaking new technology and vision; it has not been done before. But hey, let’s see how it turns out and we will drop you a line here when it has been accomplished!

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