Pete Herbert in 3-2-1

London Town’s Pete Herbert has been at the forefront of the UK’s dance scene since his time as co-proprietor of the Atlas Records shop in Soho over a decade ago. With previous remix work for such heavyweight luminaries as Royksop, Danielle Baldelli, Faze Action and Tensnake, his latest re-rub of Nathan Jassi’s ‘Secret Lover’ has all the tell tale signs of another dancefloor destroyer.

With tight, top end drum percussion and a driving yet melodic bass line, this is a real late night, heads down, ‘I’m not going home yet’ slice of funk fuelled dance music. It’s musical style crosses over enough different genres to turn the heads of DJs from many different scenes, and we have a feeling this remix is going to be lapped up by the Traxsource faithful.

We sat down with Pete to get to know more about him in 3-2-1; 3 questions, 2 hot tracks and 1 new release!

3 Quick Questions:

1) Give us a bit of background about yourself.

I divide my time either behind the decks or in the studio working solo and collaborative musical projects. In the last 10 years I’ve been a partner in Reverso 68 and Frontera with Phil Mison, LSB with Baby G, Challenge with Tim Paris and most recently with Dicky Trisco, releasing for Disco Deviance, Maxi Discs and their new imprint Paradise Row. I also release my own solo projects and have a weekly radio show ‘Music for Swimming Pools’ on which has been running for over 3 years. When I’m not in the studio I’ve been lucky enough to DJ in a lot of places around the world and play regularly around Europe in Madrid, Paris and Marseille, as well as tours in South America and Asia. Love playing in London though!

2) Tell us a little about your remix of Nathan Jassi’s ‘Secret Lover’.

This is the third remix I’ve worked on for Blue Dye Records and as the original track was a real tough epic-styled dance floor number. I thought I’d pull it back a bit in intensity and work in some extra melodies; give it a different twist and offer something different to the rest of the originals from Nathan. It’s definitely something I would play out and it’s always great to release with Blue Dye as my output seems to work well on the German imprint.

3) Give us one track that changed your life and why?

L.U.P.O. ‘Hell or Heaven’
Well it didn’t quite change my life, but for inspiration and for playing out, this has been a favourite of mine for years, ever since I heard my partner in Reverso 68, Phil Mison play it many moons ago. It was originally released in 1990 and the style and production of it still sounds quite relevant for me these days. I’d be happy to make a track this good one day!

2 Hot Tracks:

1) Man Power ‘Le Clerc’ Backwoods Remix (Not an Animal)

I’ve always been a big fan of Japan’s DJ Kent and love the late night, Balearic dance floor version he’s done here of Man Power. It’s on a new label from the chaps behind the Bad Passion parties. Top stuff all round.

2) Oh Yeah ‘Nothing But The Beat’ Hot Toddy Dub (File Under Disco)

You can’t go wrong with any Hot Toddy productions and his latest remix works great for me. It sits great on Dicky Trisco’s ‘File Under Disco’ label and has that great blend of dance floor and deepness all in the pot.

1 New Remix

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