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Top 100 Jackin House Artists of 2015

Jack-Jack-Jack your body! With a thumping, driving sound all of it’s very own, the Jackin House groove has been synonomous with undergound dance culture since it’s very conception. From Chicago to Detroit via London and Paris, people have been jackin’ their bodies in unison across the planet in a celebration of life, love and music.

This year has been another oustanding year for all thing Jack, so without further ado, here’s our list of the Top 100 Jackin House Artists of 2015. In the beginning, there was Jack…

100: Twism & B3RAO
99: Veev
98: Le Babar
97: Ignacio Robles
96: Jason Hodges
95: Nick Jagger
94: Gil Aguilar
93: Wattie Green
92: Alex Augello
91: Scott Morter
90: Ross Couch
89: Salvatore Vitrano
88: J-fader
87: Soul De Marin
86: DJ Lulu
85: DJ Gas
84: Sonz Of The Pitch
83: Erik Bo
82: Nouskynousk
81: Stacy Kidd
80: Squirt D
79: Scott Ducey
78: Hideto Omura
77: JR from Dallas
76: Bush & Crane
75: Yakka
74: Audio Jacker
73: Gussy
72: Serial Thrilla
71: Mark Funk
70: Dj Tripswitch
69: Funkyloco
68: Funk Mediterraneo
67: Mark Farina
66: Saison
65: Juwan Rates
64: Loop Jacker
63: R.e.d.
62: Robb Swinga
61: Stefano Mango
60: Simon Adams
59: Scott Diaz
58: Reset Preset
57: CN Williams
56: Steve Synfull
55: Corduroy Mavericks
54: Inland Knights
53: Jay Vegas
52: City Soul Project
51: Cupcakes
50: Kenny Bizzarro
49: Thermo
48: Greenbay Jackers
47: Stranger Danger
46: Derrick Carter
45: Alex Herrera
44: JedX
43: Gene Farris
42: DJ W!LD
41: Around7
40: Jazzman Wax
39: Iban Montoro
38: Filta Freqz
37: 4Peace
36: B.JINX
35: DJ Funsko
34: Hiva
33: Mike Dunn
32: Danny Cruz
31: Charles Feelgood
30: Scrubfish
29: DJ Romain
28: J. Lettow
27: Ryan Truman
26: Johnny Fiasco
25: Phil Weeks
24: Milty Evans
23: Joey Chicago
22: Hapkido
21: Topa

20: Makito

Dropping non-stop fire throughout 2015, Makito has had a year to remember. With releases on Cruise Music, Pocket Jacks and Night Beat Records, ‘Jailhouse Funk’ and the recent ‘Doin’ It’ seriously set the dancefloors on fire across the globe.

19: DJ Mes

The Oakland-based Guesthouse Music label boss didn’t ‘Mes’ about in 2015! Alongside his own imprint, we also saw serious heat pushed out on King Street, Nite Grooves and Street King. We absolutely loved his George Benson sampling ‘Show U How’ and his remix of DJ Sneak’s ‘Still My Thing’.

18: Joss Moog

A prolific 2015 from Joss Moog, who just kept pumping out the tunes all year long. With releases on Robsoul, Percep-tion, Fever and the Layers Label, his remix of Wreal’s ‘Feels Good’ really hit the spot, alongside his own track ‘Smith’ on Ondule Records.

17: DJ Sneak

Anyone heard of this guy? One of the world’s busiest DJs, Sneak kept the dancefloors rocking in 2015 from both the turntables and the desk. With releases on Magnetic Records, Plant 74 and the mighty Desolat to name but a few, his ‘In Da House Tonight’ collab with Riva Starr set the standard for everything that’s right about the house sound.

16: Maurice Tamraz

If you wanted floor fillers this year, you needed to look no further than Maurice Tamraz’s output in 2015. ‘We Got Business’ was a great way to end the year, plus we had ‘Malevolent’ and ‘Straitjacket’ on repeat from the moment they dropped. Super talented producer who blends old school sensibilities with a modern twist.

15: Doc Link

Chi-Town’s very own Doc Link took no prisoners in 2015, with his own label ‘Modulate Goes Digital’ going from strength to strength. ‘Stop N Go’ on Metro Trax picked up some serious airplay and his collaboration with John Feva on ‘Let’s Play Ball’ really set the standard when it came to smooth, jackin goodness.

14: Chemars

Romanian born Chemars has had a very impressive 2015, with his own imprint Ginkgo Music making serious waves on the dancefloor. The recent ‘Deep At Night’ threw down pure garage vibes that wouldn’t have sounded out of place in a London nightclub in 1994, whilst ‘A Pinch of Soul’ showcased a real understanding of how to make a dance floor slide. Brilliant producer.

13: Housego

Scotland’s very own Housego enjoyed a prolific 2015, with releases on Good For You Records, Greenhouse and Disco Balls to name but a few. His remix of the recent ‘Train of Thought’ by Rory Northall is just one of those tracks that’s an instant purchase, whilst ‘Timeloop’ on Caliber Sounds really set the jackin standard high for 2015.

12: Disco Ball’z

Hungary’s Disco Ballz killed it in 2015. With a consistantly high quality of releases throughout the year, we really loved the disco infused sonic soundwaves of ‘Be Fun’ and ‘One Flavor’. Disco Ball’z ensures the dance floors are packed from Budapest and beyond.

11: Delgado

Delgado’s music has gone from strength to strength in 2015 with a slew of releases on HiFi Stories, Doppelganger, UHHQ and Phuture Wax. The recent release ‘Eleven’ has a deep, moody emotive groove that is sure to move the more discerning dance floors, whilst his Bubblin For Boogie mix of ‘News To Me’ showscases his understanding of house music with proper old school sensibilities.

10: Arturo Garces

California’s Arturo Garces has had a prolific 2015 so far and the releases continue to fly out. Tracks on Oomph, Kolour and Magnetic Recordings cemented his place on our list, but we really loved his ‘Looking for Strangers’ on Robsoul. A proper jackin 4-tracker with old school garage flavours, this is one EP you don’t want to miss out on.

9: Alek Soltirov

Straight Outta Macedonia, Alek Soltirov came correct throughout 2015 with a series of red hot releases on Good For You, Nite Grooves, Pocket Jacks and True House LA. We loved his track ‘Something Like This’ on Fogbank, but his recent remix of ‘Automobile Blues’ by Soul Minority has a deep groove and pace that really hits you where it matters most; you’re feet!

8: Anhanguera

The Brazilian duo formed by Dudu Palandre and Decio Deep have thrown down a series of releases in 2015 which showcase a unique understanding of merging classic disco, jazz and soul samples with house music. ‘Forever You’ and ‘Moodywoman’ showcase this perfectly. Do not sleep on the Boys from Brazil!

7: Ed The Spread

Ed The Spread’s output during 2015 was nothing short of outstanding. With serious releases on Reasons 2 Funk, Fogbank, emby and Doin’ Work Records, we loved ‘The Expression EP’ on Cabbie Hat Recordings as well as ‘Hear Dis’. You wanna listen to some proper drums? Hear Dat!

6: Ruben Naess

Norway’s Ruben Naess has been firing out bullets all year long on Nothing But, Cruise Music, Oslo Karma, Lofrequency and Fett. We loved the deep funk on the ‘Coming Home EP’ on his own label Pocket Jacks Trax, but don’t sleep on the recent ‘Your Body’ release. Proper heads down house music.

5: Tommy Largo

Dutch maestro Tommy Largo took 2015 and shook it to it’s very core. With releases on Rhythm Mystic, Acacia Records and a series of top tracks on his own imprint Deepjacking Records, we fell in love with Tommy’s ‘Dedication EP’; a proper 3-tracker dripping in jackin’ house goodness. Don’t miss out on ‘Down With The Sound’ on Guesthouse either, the harp has never sounded so trippy!

4: Demarkus Lewis

A man we needs no introduction to anyone that understands real house music, there’s been no stopping Grin Music’s Demarkus Lewis in 2015. With releases on Rhythm Mystic, Manyoma, Lost My Dog and Guesthouse, his recent ‘Born 2 Funk’ is guarenteed to rock any dancefloor. ‘It’s a Feeling’ is also a serious slice of jackin house goodness that is absolutely smothered in Demarkus’ trademark sound.

3: J Paul Getto

Fogbank label boss J Paul Getto was a name on everyone’s lips in 2015. With a slew of releases on Milk and Sugar, Guesthouse, Monster Disco and Magnetic, we were not the only ones who fell head over heels in love for his remix of Kenny Summit’s ‘Lemonade Was a Popular Drink’ on Good For You Records. Other stand outs included his remix of RaShaan Houston’s ‘Be With You’ and the stomping ‘Strong’, which featured one of the funkiest breakdowns of 2015.

2: Angelo Ferreri

Sicily’s Angelo Ferreri has had a tremendous 2015, with release after release of absolute fire on labels such as King Street, Fogbank, Sea of Sand, Bid Muzik, Deep Wibe Industry and High Price. We absolutely loved his ‘Magic Rhodes’ track on City Soul Recordings, but be sure to check out the recent fire that is ‘MuSeek’ on Rhythm Mystic and ‘Swaying House’ on Street King. If these are anything to go by, we can’t wait to see what Angelo has in store for us in 2016!

1: Demuir

Rightfully claiming our Jackin House top spot for 2015 is the one and only Demuir. Throughout the year he consistently dropped serious heat on labels such as Rhythm Mystic, Milk and Sugar, Magnetic Records, Guesthouse, On Air, Select Case, Mikita Skyy and Great Lakes Audio to name but a few.

‘The Get Down’ on Whitebeard Records saw swathes of clubbers rush the world’s dancefloors, whilst ‘Ode to Chicago II’ kept it old school with a modern vibe. You want us to go on? The seriously saucy ‘Sex With Da Ex’ collaboration with J Paul Getto garned worldwide support with it’s funky driving rhythm, whilst ‘Drama Untied’ on I’m a House Gangster was picked up and thrown down by the likes of Tony Humphries, Kenny Summit, Housego and Greenbay Jackers.

Demuir’s 2015 was an outstanding example of hard work, professionalism and most importantly, stone cold classic cuts. If you really want to make it in dance music, following Demuir’s example will stand you in good stead for the long journey ahead.

Demuir releases on Traxsource.