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Get To Know - Want More

Want More are the celebrated DJ and production duo of Wez Saunders & Mark EC. The dynamic duo hit the ground running on New Year’s Eve 2013, with the first ever gig under their new guise headlining Shindig NYE. This was quickly followed by guest slots on Pete Tong, Mark Knight and Grant Nelson’s radio shows.

Known for their bass-heavy house sets, their latest release is the ‘Backpacking EP’ on Form & Function. Featuring 3 unique releases, the title track is dripping in old school sensibilities that simply has ‘Ministry Bar 93’ written all over it. ‘Push It’ heads in to a far deeper territory, whilst ‘Won’t Stop’ is a dark, bassy affair that is crying out for a red light and a basment.

With 3 seriously heavy duty tracks on one superb EP, we decided to sit down with Wez and Eric to find out more about their London based collaboration, as we Get To Know Want More.

Tell us a little about your new ‘Backpacking EP’ on Form & Function.

Wez: The title track ‘Backpacking’ is probably the most representative of records we’ve ever made. It’s almost as if anyone wanting to make a call on the sort of record we play, you could listen to that and know exactly what to expect if you came to see us play. 90’s tinged, lively dub house with a bouncing bass line! With that said, the other two ‘Push It’ and ‘Won’t Stop’ retain the bass-grooves we almost insist on in every record but are much deeper, earlier vibes for us which are probably representative of us as people. We’re slowing down as time goes by. Well, by our own assessment anyway! ha

What prompted this EP’s musical direction?

Wez: Mark used to DJ a more vocal style of House and Garage, whilst I used to play Progressive House (proper Sasha & Digweed style, not this EDM nonesense!) but as time and styles evolved we both slowed down to ‘Deep House’ before they were the buzz words! I played at the Ministry of Sound in London at the end of 2011 and Mark came with me. Usually the post-set banter was how boring I was and how Mark would have done this-that-and-the-other, but on this occasion Mark said “for the first time ever, I’d have played every record you played!”

In hindsight he was probably just trying to muscle in on my gigs as I had loads and he had none! ha! Joking, obviously his DVFM Radio Show was flourishing at that time, but we decided from that moment to team up. Deep House evolved into what we can only describe as Garage Dubs and that become Bass House, but it’s all House.

Mark: And there was me thinking you never worked that out about the gigs, but you knew all along! 

Where does the ‘Want More’ artist name emanate from?

Mark: When we stopped DJing as Wez Saunders and Mark EC, we decided to create an alias that would focus on a more UK-centric, younger, underground Bass crowd (at the time – it’s evolved since then!) We were booked to play our first gig headlining Shindig on NYE 2013, so we had to think of a name. We went through about 100 possibilities, lots relating to things we love like Star Wars (we were nearly called ‘Muftax’!) but nothing was sticking. We’d written our initials ‘W’ & ‘M’ on a piece of paper and Wez was pacing around my living room saying “what sort of name would leave people wanting more of what we were doing? What would make them want more?” and all of a sudden we both said “Want More?” and that was that.

What keeps you both motivated after all this time?

Wez: We just love it. We’re not doing it for anything else. We’ve been around the block enough under various roles and guises and aren’t chasing the money or the fame. That doesn’t mean anything to us. We bounce off each other in the studio, in the DJ booth and outside of music, which obviously helps. Being on the same page as someone and loving the music is more than enough to keep us motivated.

Share a few artists that have influenced your sound?

Mark: After the Rave and Jungle days, we’d have to say Todd Edwards, MK, S-Man, Todd Terry, Masters At Work, Grant Nelson, Murk, MJ Cole, Maya Jane Coles, Eats Everything and Low Steppa. Probably in that order too.

Any advice for your fans on how to make it in today’s fast paced game?

Wez: Expect nothing. Don’t chase anything. Work hard. Don’t complain, the world owes you nothing. Do it for the love. Be patient. Be nice. Treat people how you want to be treated and take no notice of the people who will try and hold you down, of which there will be more than you can count on a million hands. Just try to be better than yourself (no one else) and you’ll get there. 

What’s you’re opinion on the current state of house music?

Wez: It’s not in it’s best state. No one’s making significant money from music but they have to be releasing to get gigs so they’re doing things in the middle or between hectic touring schedules and the heart and effort’s not in it. With that said, there’s still a lot of quality about and for us and our preferences as Want More, that comes in abundance. There’s some amazing records out there, such as that Lee Walker record that Carola has been playing amongst others, Format B ‘Chunky’, Riva Starr ‘The Loft’ and most things from Low Steppa, Genghis Clan or Sonny Fodera.

Where does a music media store like Traxsource fit into your musical agenda?

Wez: At the very top. We wouldn’t want to show any bias towards anyone but you are our favourite store in the world! ha!

Tell your fans some interesting facts they may not know about you…

Mark: We give away stuff at our gigs. We take advantage of riders by ordering too much and giving it away. Water, vodka, Jaegermeister, cider, beer; you name it. Be careful though, if Wez can’t access the dance floor he throws stuff from the booth and there’s been a few people that have been hit in the face with water bottles. We are sorry. Wez didn’t mean it!

How do you define success?

Mark: On whether we would play our own records. 

Wez: We are our own worse enemies.

Do you ever get nervous before a performance?

Wez: Mark says he doesn’t but he does. He is the more talented DJ out of the two of us, bringing a lot of hip-hop culture to our sets particularly when we’re able to get our hands on 3 decks. Me on the other hand, it’s very rare. 

Nightclubs or Festivals? Why?

Wez: Underground Warehouse do’s, raves or festivals. People go there to party, there’s less fucking & punching.

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