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Best Selling Tracks of 2015

What an amazing year 2015 has been for dance music. Our sound is now more popular than it’s ever been, meaning the world’s tight-knit community of DJs and producers have really had to bring their A-Game to the table to feed the masses of real house heads, both old and new.

In this list, we see many new faces stand shoulder to shoulder with seasoned veterans. Something we see as a good sign for dance music as a whole that there’s such a wide and varied pool of talent, producing quality records across the globe.

There has been a lot of great House Music this year and during the coming week we will crown our Artists of the year. But first! These were our best performing tracks of 2015.

10. Black Coffee & Monique Bingham – Deep In The Bottom (of Africa) – House Afrika

Black Coffee certainly made the correct choice of vocalists when he drafted in the unmistakable talent of Monique Bingham on this sensual slice of afro-centric dance music. This is the sound that is totally synonymous with the South African House Music scene, something that is growing bigger year by year.

9. Doorly – It’s Got Me (Original Mix) – Cajual

A man who’s sound can cross genres at the drop of a hat, Doorly certainly showed his old school sensibilities blended with a real understanding of today’s dance floors with ‘It’s Got Me’ on Cajual. With widespread support, this chugging slice of Tech House cuts through the world’s dance floors like a knife through butter.

8. Hardrive – Deep Inside (Low Steppa Remix) – Strictly Rhythm

Does anyone wanna try and remix Hardrive ‘Deep Inside’ on Strictly Rhythm? A few producers might have shuddered at such a monumental task, but the man like Low Steppa handled the job with real confidence. His re-rub of the 90s classic brought the old school NYC flavor to a brand new set of fans this year.

7. Vince Watson – Eminescence – Yoruba Records

One of the smoothest grooves of 2015, Vince Watson’s ‘Eminescence’ on Yoruba Records purveyed a real sense of musicality and craftsmanship. This luscious layering of pitch-perfect piano and blissed out beats is a real slice of House Music in it’s very purest form.

6. Convertion – Let’s Do It ft Leroy Burgess (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix) Nurvous

Louie Vega and Leroy Burgess really hit the sweet spot with this simple but effective slice of Soulful House vibes on Nurvous Records. Beautiful piano stabs and sublime vocals combine with tight drums and percussion to create one of 2015’s summer anthems.

5. Onsra – Funky Town – Exploited

Chugging, relentless and just downright funky, Onsra’s biggest track of 2015 absolutely slayed the world’s dance floors without a second thought for the carnage it created!

4. Purple Disco Machine & Boris D’lugosch – L.O.V.E. – Defected

If you were at any of Defected’s parties at Space and Amnesia in Ibiza during 2015 then you will instantly recognize this as one of the biggest tracks of the summer. The pairing of Purple Disco Machine and Boris D’lugosch was always going to be a match made in heaven, as ‘L.O.V.E’ found that sweet spot somewhere between a Disco ballad and a House Music anthem.

3. Juliet Sikora – Larrys Garage – Kittball

Spoken-word House tracks have been around since the very genesis of the sound, but Juliet Skora’s ‘Larry’s Garage’ took things to the next level with this throbbing, pumping slice of house music on the Kittball imprint. Every element of the track sits perfectly in the mix, from the guitar licks, to the drums, to the driving bass; even the slightly surreal ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ opening of the spoken vocal.

2. Detroit Swindle – Figure of Speech – Freerange

A truly original slice of funked fuelled musicianship that had every House loving heads turn to each other on the dancefloor saying ’Wow, what the hell is THIS?’. Those moments are few and far between these days, but we think it’s safe to say that the Detroit Swindle boys absolutely nailed it with ‘Figure of Speech’.

1. Enzo Siffredi – Sometimes – DFTD

Our best performing track of 2015 was this absolute piece of dance floor dynamite on DFTD. Another example of how a track gets released and the dancefloor just gets it. With a breakdown that can create either a DC10 style sit down or a stadium style clap-a-thon, the backing track is so tightly produced that every element simply spits from the speakers. One of the strongest yet simplest percussion rhythms of 2015 keeps the track moving, whilst the bass just never stops rolling. It’s the perfect example of less is more and we don’t need to list who played this across the globe. EVERYONE did!

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