Follow the Berlin Beats of David Mayer

As one of the original members of the Keinemusik family, David Mayer is always on the frontline when it comes to dropping their synonomous Berlin beats. Originally from South Germany but now residing in the capital, David’s sound encapsulates everything that Keinemusik is all about; funky, hypnotic house and techno with a serious side of tribalistic acid flavors.

Currently relaxing in Mexico after the BPM Festival, David’s next gig is at the Electric Pickle in Miami for Sub-Motus on Saturday 23rd January 2016. We actually managed to catch the last Keinemusik showcase at the Pickle in September and have to say the music was out of this world. A 4-hour set from stablemates &ME and Adam Port saw them thrown down a really trippy mix of tribal, funk fuelled flavors that strayed off into anologue acid beats and beyond. When Keinemusik are in the house, you certainly know about it, so be sure to get yourselves down there if you are out and about in Miami.

David’s latest release is the sublime ‘Follow’, alongside fellow Berlin beat junkie NGHT DRPS on Steve Bug’s revered Audiomatique Recordings. Both cuts take you into the beating dark heart of today’s atmospheric tech house sound. Title track ‘Follow’ has a truly modular, abstract feel, whilst ‘Now Loading’ offers a sublimely intricate, acid infused journey that really sets the standard for 2016.

With an EP of this quality, it was only right that we touched base with David in Mexico to discuss the release and his plans for the future, as we Follow the Berlin Beats of David Mayer.

Hey David, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Tell us where you are and how you are feeling right now.

Hey thanks, very happy to be your guest! Right now I’m in Playa del Carmen, Mexico after the BPM festival. Last Monday we played our Keinemusik night at Salsanera, a venue we think was perfect for us and the people made it a very uplifting party experience. Feedback has been incredible and the vibes were great all throughout the week, so I am thankful and actually I feel pretty hyped!

What’s been your favorite moment at BPM this year?

I was very excited about coming back to BPM and I can’t deny that our night here was my personal peak. The festival is very well produced and the staff do a great job in all the details. It’s good to see how people are having a quality time and I’m looking forward to coming back next year!

Tell us a little bit about your new release ‘Follow’ on Audiomatique.

The nice thing about the release is how it came along so naturally. I have been working with my friend Marcel aka NGHT DRPS on different levels for quite some years now. This release marks the official kick-off for our collaboration and is a straight follow-up to our very first track ‘Burn’, released on Gruuv last September. Both tracks on the ‘Follow’ EP emerged from some really relaxed jam sessions involving a Polysix and Marcel’s well assembled modular system. When these two tracks were finished we found them working well together as an EP, so I sent them over to Audiomatique and got an immediate reply. It is a pleasure to be working with these guys.

What is the one piece of kit that you simply cannot do without for your productions?

When working with NGHT DRPS we fully depend on the magic that comes with the modular system. Personally, I do a lot of work inside the box. But I always need that analogue touch to be happy. My favorite VST has always been the Minimonsta by Arturia, but NI’s Monark is another one I can’t do without these days.

As a founding member of the artists crew and label Keinemusik, what’s it like running a record label with your friends and what do you hope to accomplish collectively as an imprint?

Having Keinemusik as a base is priceless; after all, it is family! The way things work all together leaves little space for doubts and lots of space to grow for each individual member. I guess we hope to accomplish something close to our roots and to maintain our standards while staying free to move on where time is taking us.

Residing in Berlin since 2004, you must’ve seen the house and techno scene change and reinvent itself into what it has become today.

It’s not like I still go out every week and I have gone through some changes myself, so my perception of things differs a lot from when I first came to Berlin. It has grown as a city; tourism is booming. Besides the usual cycle of changes in genres, Berlin has lost some very important venues, traditional ones and also promising ones like our former residency Stattbad. In general, exciting one-off locations have also become a rare thing over the years. Fortunately, there are also some new venues partially filling the gaps, but the electronic music scene is confronted with the expectations of people from all around the world on one hand and the limited free space of the city on the other. It still is and always will be an international hub for club music; full potential due to it’s powerful history and the creative residents living in the city.

Any advice for your fans and aspiring artists on how to make it in today’s fast paced game?

I’ve not reached far enough myself to know what the answer is for sure. But I think you should stay focused on whatever got you started, which for me was the pure passion for making and playing music. Speaking of a fast pace, life is too short to be scared of expressing your true self. Finding your own frequency is the key.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I never was the one to be planning five years ahead, as for me things seem to turn out best if I just listen to my gut instinct and be open to new opportunities. I hope to stay healthy, inspired and I hope to be still doing the same as I’m doing today, only with a lot more experience.

Where can your fans catch you playing over the next few months and what’s next for you?

Right now I am looking forward to another week in Mexico, just taking some time off far away from the January frost of Berlin. Next up is a gig at Electric Pickle in Miami which I am thrilled to play! After that I will be heading back to Europe to play in Larisa, Greece for the first time, back in Italy in Cazala and Neuchatel, Switzerland and for a few gigs in Germany. Finally I hope to be back in Australia asap, too. Also, I will take the German winter as an opportunity to produce new music. 2016 is still young, so I’ll go with the flow!

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