Get To Know Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax

Dynamic duo Iban Montoro and Jazzman Wax enjoyed a prolific 2015 and were one of the few acts to feature on two of our Traxsource Artists of the Year charts. With releases on Strictly Rhythm, i! Records and Good For You to name just a few, they show no signs of resting on their laurels in 2016 with their ‘New York’ EP on J Paul Getto’s Fogbank imprint.

Featuring 4 individual slices of juicy, jackin’ grooves, this EP offers a real taste of the flavors that the Spanish duo will cooking up for us in 2016. We decided to have a chat with the guys to find out more about their new label Moody House Recordings, their influences and much more as we Get To Know Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax.

Tell us how you guys are feeling right now?

Hi guys! Thank you very much for this interview. It is a pleasure! For us it´s an incredible moment as 2015 has been great. We have signed with some big record labels and have not stopped working, plus you guys featured us as two of the top artists of 2015 (Jackin & House) and one of our tracks ‘Do It’ was included in the tracks of the year. 2016 looks great and we believe it will be even better than last year. That is our goal.

Congratulations on your new label Moodyhouse Recordings. What was your motivation for starting it and what do you hope to accomplish?

Our baby has been born and we will give everything for it; we want to work and play hard! We want Moodyhouse to be synonymous with good music, featuring both established artists as well as new generations of House. The first release has been great and 6 of the tracks have been in the top 100 in 3 different genres; we’ve had great support. We want to thank everyone who has been involved and we have great artists in our family. We see the love and we try to reciprocate it.

How did you guys meet and how long have you been producing together?

We met in Ibiza in 2006 through friends we had in common. We had a connection with the music so we shared our projects. Everything was a bit up in the air at first. Then both of us had to return to our respective cities; Leon and Barcelona. But six years later in 2012, fate reunited us. We got back in touch and decided to get together and make music. The following year in 2013, we decided to live together in Ibiza so we could take our music production a little more seriously. We’ve had some great releases and we got to play in several clubs on the island. We have not seen each other since though! It’s been almost 3 years, but in 2016 we hope to get together again! Ha! Since our first release, we have always published together. We are brothers in music and dancing is in our blood. Many people ask us how we can work remotely? Very simple. We send each other our projects or audio.

Tell us a little about the new Fogbank release? How did that come about and what is your favorite track on the EP?

We think it’s a solid EP consisting of 4 tracks ‘Countdown’, ‘New York’, ‘Pianist’ and ‘Walalon’. It’s a bit different from what we’ve been doing lately, so it’s gratifying to publish on a label such as Fogbank with our underground sound. ‘New York’ is our favorite cut; it’s a city that we would love to visit and be able to play some day. We imagined that track playing in the big clubs in New York!

You guys recently got signed to Defected. How did that come about?

Working for the Defected family is something that we could have never imagined! The Boss, Simon Dunmore, contacted us and was interested in our work and we made the Chicago EP that was released on Strictly Rhythm; several ‘dreams come true’ in one! We don´t want to wake up! Ha!

What is the one piece of studio gear that you simply cannot live without?

We think the best piece of any studio is ‘The Mind’!

There seems to be a rising tide of artists, such as yourself, that embrace multiple genres in your productions by seemlessly blending the best attributes of each, such as deep, jackin and tech into a single cohesive style. A lot of the artists on your label seem to be doing this as well. Do you see this is an emerging phenomenon that will continue to grow? Do you foresee more of the top artists inside these genres working together to form a more cohesive, unified underground?

Thank you very much for the compliment. The underground feeling is dependent on the mind and ears. It’s a bit concerning, for someone who hears something as underground, it may sound like business to others. We try to think about how you can feel the dancer listening to the track that we have created, not what we are going to raise. In Moodyhouse we want to take the underground to its maximum splendor.

As we said before the underground is a feeling, and while there is money to be made, we do not believe it’s a great fashion, at least the more paid in the world DJs are passed to this genre, the Underground and sentiment will remain and we will continue to try & discover artists and tracks that others ignore.

So where does a music media store like Traxsource fit into your musical agenda?

Traxsource is essential for us to acquire the best house at the time, so we have no comparison. As the slogan itself says, #realhousemusic.

What’s next for you?

We will continue to work hard, consistently and learning every day. No time for rest. Stay Strong. We have several releases coming this year on top Jackin House labels including Mark Farina’s Great Lakes Audio label as well as more surprises to come for 2016. We also hope to have more dates in Spain and Europe.

And finally, what would be your short list of dream collaborations, past or present?

Cypres Hill, Kase O, Dj Sneak, Mark Farina, Kerri Chandler, Phil Weeks, Estopa, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix, Dj Premiere, DJ Shadow, Will Smith, Bob Marley, Frankie Knuckles, Nina Simone, James Brown, Todd Terry, Simon Dunmore, Kenny Summit, St. Germain.

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