Move in Slow Motion with Florian Kruse

Berlin based tastemaker Florian Kruse takes us on a delicious journey into the deeper side of the tech house sound with the vocals of Hendrik Burkhard with the superb ‘Move In Slow Motion’ release on Steve Bug’s acclaimed Poker Flat imprint.

This three track EP features both vocal and dub versions of the title track; a truly hypnotic ride into the eye of the Berlin underground, whilst ‘Hold On’ purveys a sonically pumping, 3am workout that is sure to hit the turntables of the tech house scenes more discerning dancefloor provocateurs.

We sat down with the musical maestro behind the track to find out more about the conception of this stellar Poker Flat release, as we learned to Move in Slow Motion with Florian Kruse.

Thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. Tell us where you are and how you are feeling right now.

Thanks for having me guys, it’s a pleasure. Well, I am in my studio in Berlin at the moment doing some final tweaks on a few new pieces of music. I love the creative part, but right now I have to set final details and do the mixdown and it’s always tricky to come to an end with this. I’m sure you know what I mean!

Your new release “Move In Slow Motion” EP on Poker Flat – sounds like you went a bit moody on this one?

Yeah, the Poker Flat EP just came out and you’re right, the vibe of the main track is melancholic and dark but there’s still enough drive in the groove to make people dance. The second track called ‘Hold On’ is a real dance floor weapon and pretty much upfront even if it starts smooth.

Tell us in your words a little bit a your musical direction and what you were trying to convey to your listeners.

The track title pictures people on the dancefloor, strobe lights onm so it looks like they ‘Move In Slow Motion’. I’m sure everyone knows what I am talking about. The musical direction is dark and techy and the track unfolds over seven minutes with Hendrik’s voice as a highlight in the break. This is the kind of sound I love to play and produce at the moment.

Although you’re 1/2 of Kruse & Nuernberg, you’ve been recently teaming up with Hendrik Burkhard – who also contributes the vocals on this EP, what is it like collaborating with him?

I am ½ of Kruse & Nuernberg and nothing changed here. Well, I am also concentrating on my solo project. Last year when I was working on the track ‘Skylines’ I was looking for a vocal and asked an old friend of mine to give it a try. That was Hendrik, a brilliant musician who actually has his musical roots in the punk rock scene. He came up with that amazing vocal and so we started working on another track. In September 2015 we went on a production session to the North of Denmark to make music in seclusion for one week. That all worked out so well that we managed to finalize some more tracks and even started rehearsing for a live show on a second trip. Thats the story stripped down in a few sentences.

Describe the production process and the story of how it ended up on Steve Bug’s highly respected Poker Flat.

I actually created the session and Hendrik was preparing the lyrics. In Denmark, we started putting our files together and kept on working on sounds and the arrangement. After that trip I remember that I had this session on my MacBook for quite some time and whenever I had a minute before a gig, in the airplane or on a train I opened it and got some more work on it done. The final mixdown was made in the studio of course. Poker Flat Recordings is one of my favorite labels and so I gave it a try and send it to Steve Bug who got back to us with great news!

So, what’s next for you now?

As Florian Kruse I have gigs scheduled in Beirut, Berlin, Cologne, Istanbul and Moscow. I am pretty excited as I have never played in Beirut or Moscow before. Plus, upcoming music is scheduled with a Kruse & Nuernberg follow up release of ‘Yokohama Nights’ on Exploited and a remix for AFFKT on Sincopat. There is more to come pretty soon with Hendrik on Joris Voorn’s GREEN imprint and as I already mentioned there is a brand new live show in the making with Hendrik singing and me controlling the beats.

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