Take a Kruse to Terminal M

Monika Kruse is a name that has been synonomous with top quality techno for over a quarter of a century. 2016 sees her internationally reknowned record label ‘Terminal M’ celebrate it’s 15th birthday, so what better way to blow out the candles than to re-release an updated digital version of her smash hit ‘Passengers’ album.

Beginning her DJ career in 1991, Monika became a member of the legendary party promoters ‘Ultraworld Crew’ in 1993. They opened the infamous Munich club Ultraschall in 1994, where Monika began to build her reputation as resident DJ. She released her first track in 1996, before moving back to Berlin to create the Terminal M imprint. The label has been a constant source of seriously seductive techno ever since, with artists such as Andhim, Pig&Dan, Paul C & Paolo Martini, Luca Morris and Piemont all pushing out releases with the Terminal M stamp of approval.

One of the world’s most in-demand techno tastemakers, April 2016 sees Monika play in Switzerland, Holland, Ireland, Tunisia, Italy, Spain and England alongside this prestigious release to celebrate the label’s 15th anniversary.

We were lucky enough to spend some time with Monika to chat about the celebratory digital re-release of the updated Passengers 2016, her recent visit to the Miami Music Week and much more, as we fastened out seatbelts to Take a Kruse to Terminal M.

Congratulations on the re-release of the updated Passengers album. It’s a stone cold classic! What made you decide to re-issue and revitalise the album?

With my label celebrating its 15th year, I thought why not present some old tracks to maybe a new audience. I still like to listen to the Passengers album, so I was hoping the people would like it too. Plus it was never digitally released, so we remastered it and slowed it down a bit to give it a 2016 touch!

What made you choose Oliver Huntemann, Alberto Ruiz and Skober as the remixers?

I love these guys! They are great producers and I hoped they could give the old tracks a new touch. Unfortunately, we lost all the single parts, so it was not easy to make a remix of the tracks, but they did a good job!

Having been a DJ on the scene since 1991, has techno suddenly become trendy?

Yes , since the first official chart entry back in the nineties with Jam and Spoon, Marusha, Underworld and The Prodigy, techno became trendy. The big success of the Love Parade back in the day showed that this kind of music was not underground anymore.

What challenges have you faced over the years as label boss at Terminal M?

The biggest challenge is to listen to all the music people send to me. I get hundreds of demos each week, it is not easy to listen to them all!

Are there any up-and-coming producers or DJs that we should be keeping our eyes and ears out for?

Definitely, for example Kydus! He will release an EP this summer – quality house! I was playing his tune ‘Transatlantic’ a lot last year.

What is your favorite country in the world to play?

There are many great destinations to go to, so it’s hard to choose one, but I really love Argentina! The people there have a great vibe and they are thirsty for good techno!

How was you Miami Music Week 2016?

I played the Ultra ‘Resistance’ Stage. The spider which they brought over from the Glastonbury Festival was far beyond something I ever played. It reminded me on some of the mutant art cars at Burning Man. The Carl Cox stage was great as well. I am always impressed about the whole production sound and lighting of Ultra!

How did it compare to other years?

I don’t go every year. To be honest, for me it is still too much EDM; too plastic fantastique. There are other Music Fairs like ADE which are more my kind of music and style.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2016?

A lot of gigs! I have Time Warp coming up, the Dockyard Festival in Amsterdam, Marvellous Island in Paris, the Social Festival in the UK, Altitude Festival in Denver, my own Terminal M stage at the 18 Hours Festival in Amsterdam and of course, a few gigs on my beloved island of Ibiza with Carl ‘oh yes oh yes’ Cox! Plus another release with Pig and Dan coming on Terminal M very soon. Exciting times!

Be sure to check out the Terminal M 15th anniversary digital re-issue of ‘Passengers’. The whole release is jam packed with updated versions of hard hitting techno classics that is sure to turn the heads of underground dance music connoisseurs across the globe. A quality release from one of techno scene’s brightest lights.