Inside The Track with Kito Jempere

Kito Jempere drops his latest EP ‘I’m Saved’ on the revered Berlin imprint Room with a View, with two sumptuous tracks that really are delivered from Russia with love. Already finding their way into the sets of the likes of Jimpster, Atjazz, Nachtbraker and thatmanmonkz, both EP tracks offer something totally unique in their design and abstract form.

Title track ‘I’m Saved’ offers a hypnotically jazzy, afro beat infused disco workout, whilst ‘Jun’ takes the listener deep into the underground where all the quality house music lives and breathes. Russia is not always thought of as the home of deep house, but with the sound fast becming a global phenomenon, it’s great to see pockets of outstanding creativity popping up in unique locations.

Having recently become a father, the St Petersburg producer found a little time to chat exclusively with Traxsource about the creation of this stellar EP, from conception to release, as we went Inside The Track with Kito Jempere.

Congratulations on your new ‘I’m Saved’ EP via the Room with a View label. How is it being received in your sets and how are other club DJs responding to it?

Hey, I personally played the track ‘Jun’ at the end of sets when people were kinda really into and they want to completely dive into sounds and feelings of music. ‘Jun’ is perfect at that point of the night, as I made it quite long and repetitive, but with each square comes something new. I played all melodies live and didn’t quantize anything so it has a pretty nice live flow which works well with crowds. I worked hard to mix the track with a 70’s/80’s musical feel. As for ‘I’m Saved’, I heard Nachtbraker has played it already and it works well for him. I’ve also had good feedback from Atjazz, Jimpster, thatmanmonkz, S3A, Red Rack’Em, Ranier Trüby and others who have already played and tested it.

What was the main inspiration behind the EP and what prompted the musical direction?

The whole EP was a really nice trip for me. It started when I lost all my previous projects via a crazy HD crash. May 2015 was pretty intense for me as my baby boy Theo was just born and I was completely into the family thing, so I forgot to save my projects on the computer. At the same time, I was about to go to play at the Southern Soul Festival in Montenegro and right before my flight my computer broke down. I decided to start again from scratch and saw the incident as gaining wisdom. I lost my entire sample collection and decided to make something completely new.

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Production wise, what is it about the tracks that makes them work?

It was a nice challenge for me, as in the end I didn’t used my usual studio and my usual sound engineer Roman Urazov. I’ve worked with him on all my records before and we will continue doing that, also he playing as a part of my Kito Jempere Live Band. I mixed the tracks in December in a city called Naberejnie Chelny, out in the countryside, with a a genuine ‘room with a view’ that looked out onto an open forest. It was quite strange as I didn’t have my monitors or any subs etc. I used only my headphones and tracks were ‘pre-mixed’ when I was recording the instruments, as I always try to find the best balance when I record them. Also, I was in constant exchange at that moment with Phil Dairmount to make sure that the mixdowns were good. His guidance was very important and we developed an awesome relationship in the process. Having both recently being new fathers, all these factors added to the release having a very intimate feel.

Is there one machine, program or technique that characterizes your sound?

Generally, I love to use the Juno106, MPC1000 and with my sound guy, we love to work on Neve VR60 at D Gray Studio here in Saint Petersburg. I used some African vinyl samples and also some percussions from Japanese records. On top of that. I added some drums that I collected and some instruments that I played live. I also used one outstanding synth pack called “Samples from Mars’. As I had lost everything, I found them by chance and bought some tape recorded synths set from them. It sounded really awesome and worked perfectly for the record in my opinion.

What is the one piece of kit that you simply cannot do without?

I would say the Juno106, even though there’s no Juno106 in either of these tracks!

Any advice for your fans on how to make it in today’s fast paced game?

Do the right thing guys. Do it for yourself, don’t care too much about what other people think. Personally, I just record music when I want to hear something special, for myself initially. Don’t follow trends; just do your own thing. Why waste your time trying to be somebody else? Be yourself.

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