MANIK - My Favorite Machine

Having recently relocated from New York to Los Angeles, MANIK continues to mature as an artist. His sounds can be found in the crates of the worlds leading underground DJs and tastemakers; Ellen Allien, Steve Bug, Jamie Jones, Claude Von Stroke, Heidi, and Josh Wink all being regular supporters. His diverse production sound is somewhere between classic house, groovey techno, acid, and a bit of funk & disco – never pigeonholed – he is a true Music Producer/DJ who’s tastes reach beyond the dance-floor.

Throughout the years, he’s released on the worlds top underground labels: Ovum, Bpitch Control and Hot Creations just to name a few. With a steady stream of music in 2016, MANIK’s brand new EP ‘Weights & Measures’ recently dropped on the legendary Poker Flat Recordings. With a producer of this quality, we thought we’d sit down with the man himself to find out a little more about his Favorite Machine.

What’s you favorite piece of gear in the studio?

The Moog Voyager Analog Mono Synth (Electric Blue Edition)

Why do you love it and what makes it so special?

When I first started touring full time late 2011 into 2012, and finally had a little extra money, I wanted to build my studio up a bit. I wanted some Analog gear in there and I always wanted a Moog Voyager. In particular, the Electric Blue edition. That to me, was the ultimate bass machine. The always classy Moog will never let you down. At the time, I only had a 106, so I ended up buying a few small synths which I sold years later, but I had set aside enough to finally buy my dream synth. The Electric Blue Edition of the Moog Voyager is so tight too. You hit the lights and this thing is like being in Outer Space on LSD. I am a firm believer on aesthetics sometimes aiding music production. Those lights really do help. So I bought it brand new and it has stayed with me since then. It makes me really happy every time I power it on.

Tell us about the various ways you use your Moog.

I use it for many things besides bass. It has some amazing modulation capabilities and with 3 OSC, it is the definition of beast mode. I like to use it for white noise, hi hats, kicks/toms low frequency percussion- made by cutoff/resonance and adsr controls, and also is underrated for lead/pads. By tuning the oscillators you can make chords and then play with the decay and sustain. Not to mention some secrets on the input/output section that are mega fun :) The Voyager is fucking legendary.

Can you name a few recent tracks you’ve used it on?

Recourse feat. Cari Golden [Ovum] the metallic percussion fill thing that sort of comes in here and there.

Two of the cuts on my Poker Flat EP. The track “Weights & Measures” I used the bass from a patch on the moog but tuned it a little off. Shelved off the highs too. It relaly cuts in the mix. And the other track “Thirsty Crow” is basically 60-70% Moog Voyager- in all aspects.

Hey readers, what’s your favorite piece of gear to make music? Tell us in the comments below!

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