Nachtbraker - Dutch House Don Announces New Label

This month sees the release of fresh imprint Quartet Series – a collaboration between Dutch house aficionado Nachtbraker and fellow musical architect KiSK. Originally starting out as an author, Nachtbraker, AKA Maurits Verwoerd, received recognition for books such as “How Does He Do it?”, “Did He Do It?” and “Glorious Misunderstandings”. He decided to turn his hand to production much to the dismay of his neighbours, forcing him underground into the deepest dungeons of Amsterdam where he honed his production skills. Coming up for air only in the dead of night. It was these nocturnal leanings that earned him the moniker of Nachtbraker- meaning ‘night hawk’ in Dutch.

Having previously released tracks on Heist, Dirt Crew and Hudd Trax, amongst others, Verwoerd approached KiSK’s label Apparel Music back in 2013 with some demos. It was around this time that he “had the urge to start my own label. I’d found some really good unknown artists Saine and Gnork”. He suggested creating a sub-label to Apparel. “Nothing fancy,” he explains, “just a white label, vinyl only… the end [it] turned out to be a concept label on its own, separate from Apparel Music.”

Quartet Series will be released as four sets of four EPs over the course of the coming year. Initially following a comic book theme, the first release follows the archetypal ‘good VS evil’ comic book affair- the Good Guys on the A-Side, and the Bad Guys taking over the flip side. “The Good Guys will bring us the warmer house sounds,” says Verwoerd, “while the Bad Guys offer a more darker, ‘spacier’ and sometimes [rougher]…sound.”

All of the artists have been handpicked by Verwoerd for the quality of their productions, and for “certain attributes” that he admires. The first release features an A-Side from the master of the keys, Crackazat who “can make a piano-house track like no other”. Lindop Circles is a six-minute composition of uplifting, bouncy, rolling house. The softer offering from Saine, Prime Chops, is a beautiful, summer track layered with a delicate, breathy vocal.

The B-Side is where the Bad Guys step into the ring and the gloves really come off. Totally Not Mystique is a deep, driving, bubbling beat provided by the man himself. Gnork, with Chord Tool, backs up Nachtbraker’s contribution to the ‘fight’. It’s a faster paced affair, which bears a sound and rhythm reminiscent of an old school 90s house track. Will the impending three releases continue the fight? He tells us “the story won’t be finished with the first release. The Good Guys will meet the Bad Guys in the ring in Quartet Series 002, 003, and 004 where they’ll try to settle their quarrel.”

Perhaps one of the most striking things about this release is the artwork that adorns the sleeve of each 12-inch and is a visual feast for the eyes. It features a comic book strip and an accompanying story. Did the music maker have a hand in designing them himself? “I wish I were that talented,” he laughs. “Instead we found a very talented young illustrator who goes by the name of Marco Ferraccioni who designed our artwork and our logo.” It was the artwork and the comic book concept that made a lot of the producers whom Maurits approached leap at the chance to be a part of the project. “You don’t see too many concept labels these days, and they appreciate the effort and love we’ve put [into] this project.”

Maurits appears to be a man who has a knack for spotting unknown talent. Is there anyone he currently has his eye on for future collaborations? He tells us there are some exciting artists already signed up for the next Quartet Series, but he’s remaining tight-lipped as to who they are. “I’d like to keep them as a surprise.” He does tell us, however, that he’s been “playing out a lot of Mad Rey’s stuff. This guy has an amazing raw touch to his house-y productions……Then another French guy called Hugo LX….he produces the most awesome deep and raw house vibes, but with the proper, old school [sound]….It’s damn good!”.

So how’s the future shaping up for Quartet Series? “We plan on sticking to our Quartet concept…..[but it] will be different regarding [theme] and artwork. So no more comics….we want to keep things interesting.” If Quartet Series 001 is anything to go by, you can be assured that Nachtbraker and KiSK will deliver quality productions that delve into all corners of house music.

We’re really excited about seeing who wins the fight between the Good Guys and the Bad Guys. Grab your copy HERE and pick a side.

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