Deep House Heaven with Larse & Lisa Shaw

German Uber-Producer/DJ Larse is back this month with not one but two outstanding vocal Deep House cuts. grabbed a moment in his busy schedule to talk about the new releases, monster basslines and a 20-year life in music.

Larse (Defected, Noir, Clubstar, Toolroom Longplayer etc.) has been very busy in the studio lately and two sophisticated vocal Deep Housers that are dropping this month are the latest results. First up, exclusive to and featuring the inimitable Lisa Shaw is ‘Wanna Be Like You’, an exquisite slice of vocal house, out on Suol. In a similar classy vein, Larse is also releasing his Deep House remix (exclusive to of Minako and the Lovebirds’ ‘De-lusions’ out now on Teardrop Music as part of a strong Nu-disco / Electronica package. We asked Larse how the Shaw/Larse collaboration came about:

“I worked on a few tracks to choose for my debut E.P. on Suol at that time and played around with different sounds. The backing track to ‘Wanna be Like You’ came up fast and I had this in mind for a full vocal track. When I met Basti / Lovebirds in Berlin, I told him I just love the track he did with Lisa Shaw on Defected, and told him about my plans. I got in con-tact with Lisa Shaw and she was up for the track and started writing ‘Wanna Be Like You’ pretty fast. She sent me a first demo and the hook was already in, so I thought, ‘Okay that’s the right way, this fits!’ I think she adopted the vibe and mood of the music really good. It’s not a typical Lisa Shaw Record it sounds different, that’s what I like!”

It is a unique sounding track – subtle, restrained even, but with enough production nous to make it count on the dance floor. ‘Wanna Be Like You’ showcases Larses’ eclectic studio style to great ef-fect, as does Larses’ remix of ‘Delusions’ by Minako, which also features pristine beats, clean and classy euro synths and a welcome melodic sensibility. We wondered if this style of production car-ries over into Larse’s DJ sets:

“I play the records that I like, no matter what type of genre. It depends on the gig and on the crowd. On a poolside I play different records than in front of 3000 people. It’s about the vibe and like every DJ I got some secret weapons, records that I know very well and played in a lot of sets. There’s this one record I love and that I’ve been playing for years, it’s DFA’s STILL GOING – Work That Shit Party. The groove sits for 7 minutes with its monster bassline and sublime vocals, but when it comes to the break, you know wassup!”

Although he currently puts out sublime deep house, Larse has a background in radio (he hosted ‘Klubbing’ on 1Live Radio – Europe’s biggest youth radio station – for 15 years) So does he think of himself as an underground artist?

“I guess I’m not, I don’t know. I had a major radio show on one of Europe’s biggest stations, so I guess I’m not underground anymore. The tracks, which became really successful, like the Candi Staton Remix for ‘Hallelujah Anyway’ and ‘So Long’ had strong vocal parts and were released at the right time, it just happened!”

And prior to the radio, how did you get into dance music?

“I used to listen to a lot of black music and used to grab some records of my father’s small collection, Stevie Wonder, Kool & The Gang, Earth Wind & Fire had regular plays on the turntable in my room. At the age of 15/16 I started to buy records, it was the golden era of Hip Hop and I just fell in love with it. Pete Rock, Gangstarr, Biggie etc. But when Daft Punk’s Homework came out it changed me a bit. I went to the club where I had a Hip Hop residency at that time and Daft Punk played live in front of 500 people, it was their ‘Homework’ Tour, I guess it was 1997.”

Ahh yes – the clubbing epiphany – that moment, we have all experienced it in some shape or form at some point – when you realise that this scene is going to be more than just a scene and might just become the centre of your life. We can relate! Larse is now a fully paid-up member of the in-ternational DJ circuit team, and has been gracing some of Europe’s finer clubs with his DJ sets for some time now. Any favourite places to spin tunes?

“I had a residency at Hotel Shanghai in Essen alongside Dplay and Langenberg for some years, this club is really special, great vibe, great audience! I also enjoyed playing Fabric in 2012, the sound system in room 1 is one of a kind. There are a lot of stories, this part is maybe the most fun part of being a DJ, meeting so many great people and visiting different countries.”

Aside from DJing in some of the best places, Larse now finds himself releasing his music on Suol, a label that regularly features music from some of the top house producers in the game; how does it feel to be releasing music through them?

“It feels great. I’m a big fan of the Suol label and super happy to be a part of it from now on!”

So, two big vocal tunes coming out this month – ‘Wanna Be Like You’ featuring Lisa Shaw and the ‘Delusions’ remix, what else has Larse got planned for the rest of year?

“In the next months, remixes for Moonbootica and Phonique will be out. I also did a remix for Minako & The Lovebirds which is out really soon. And of course the second part of ‘On Canvas’ is in the making which is due to be out later this year. I’m really looking forward to some showcase with the SUOL crew the next months. There are showcases in Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam and at Juicy Beats Festival in my hometown Dortmund which will be pretty special!”

So plenty to look forward to from the multi-talented Larse over the coming months. In the mean-time, we can look forward to a pair of sparkling vocal house tracks, perfect for the inevitable sum-mer parties that are just around the corner.

’Wanna Be Like You’ by Larse featuring Lisa Shaw is released on 20th May as the first part of the ‘On Canvas’ series for Suol. Minako and the Lovebirds ‘Delusions’ EP is released on Teardrop Music on 23rd May and features remixes from Tender Games and Dürerstuben as well as the original and Larse’s Deep House interpretation.

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