elrow’s Carnival Craziness Goes Global

“I think everyone these days can just book a DJ, put up a sound system and throw a party,” says Victor de la Serna, the man in charge of DJ bookings for party purveyors elrow. He’s not wrong. Nowadays, it seems like every man and his dog puts on a party. But elrow really is something else. The family run club night has become a firm favourite amongst clubbers and DJs alike. Armed with a little black book bursting with confetti and the names of some of dance music’s hottest DJs, it’s not hard to see why.

Fast becoming one of the most recognisable brands in dance music, elrow first dipped their toes in the party scene when they opened Florida 135 in Fraga, Spain a mammoth 74 years ago. Florida 135 was one of the first techno clubs in Europe, and is still going strong to this day. Add to this the dusty dance vibes of Monegros Desert Festival-formally known as Groove Parade- in its 21st year, and, of course, elrow itself in Barcelona.

“It’s a very immersive experience, there’s always something happening around you.”

elrow started life as a nightclub that opened its doors to ravers on Friday and Saturday nights, but something just didn’t quite work. The family decided to take a different tack- opening as an after party venue. “The club is 90% open air….we normally have sun [in Barcelona] so the idea of an open air club in the morning is the best thing…people can come and [dance] under the sunlight,” says Victor.

Seth Troxler, Eats Everything, Joris Voorn, Jamie Jones and Groove Armada are amongst some of the names who take up the regular spots behind the decks. And there’s one tangible thread that links them all together. Victor explains “they have fun with us…You know, I don’t want someone who is just coming for the money and just leaves straight after”. That’s the key ingredient at elrow- fun. Anyone who’s attended one of their parties will confirm that- from the music, to the DJs, the performers, and, of course, the inflatables. “It’s a very immersive experience,” Victor continues. “There’s always something happening around you.” How do they know they’re getting it right? “When you throw a party all you have to do is look at the dance floor and see how everyone is smiling.”

Does de la Serna have a favourite party to date? There’s a long pause. “I cannot pinpoint specific countries or clubs….but it’s like playing football. Playing at home is always best.” And what if money was no object? What would be his dream theme for a party? “Oh, I would do a Stars Wars one because I’m a big Star Wars fan, but no one listens to me in the office,” he tells us laughing. “Or I’d like to go out in the wild. You know, like the jungle or on a beach…just go absolutely crazy.”

So what are “The Family Row” up to this year? Well, they’ll be making a welcome return to Space, Ibiza, the final year of the inimitable venue as we know it. And it’s not just the famed terrace that they’ll be taking over this time. Oh no, they have free reign of the entire club. Victor tells us that they’re bringing a brand new concept to the island. “We’re doing what we call “elrow City” which is based on [the home town] of one DJ [who’ll play] all night long and we’re going to decorate the terrace based on [that] DJ’s city.”

The party isn’t just confined to the shores of Spain. elrow’s gone global. With the help of an incredible and hardworking team behind the scenes they’ve managed to transport the essence of elrow Barcelona to; Miami, Madrid, Paris, London, Buenos Aeries, and Belgium to name a few. These parties are often set up without anyone ever having stepped foot inside the venues. “We have to adapt. We need to get…blueprints of the clubs so we know how to set up…before we actually get in….sometimes [once we’re in] we only have a few hours to [get ready].”

There’s one concept that Victor and the rest of the elrow family are buzzing about- Feria de Abril. “It’s a Spanish tradition that happens every April in Seville…we give out food. We buy ham, we buy wine, we give it out to everyone. We [also] do a stage with flamenco music.” They’ll be bringing this tradition, with the elrow touch, to their sold-out event at Studio 338 in London on 31st July. Lovebox in London’s Victoria Park is on the agenda again this year. There’s also Mysteryland in Amsterdam in August, and Electric Zoo in New York in September. Victor concludes; “I think all the craziness is about to start.”

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elrow are one of our favourite parties here at Traxsource, so trust us when we say you have to experience the craziness. Where do you fancy partying with them?

Weekly Saturday residency at Space Ibiza (taking over the whole club this season), beach party at Studio 338 in London 31st July, stage at Lovebox festival 15th July, Les Plage Electroniques festival in Cannes, France on 4th Aug, Mysteryland in Netherlands 27-28th Aug, Electric Zoo festival in New York 1st Sept