Classic Music Company boss brings his big beats to Croatia.

Luke Solomon has been in the music business for three decades now. Following an introduction to Derrick Carter in the early 90s, one of house music’s seminal imprints was born- Classic Music Company.

Solomon possesses a passion that cannot be rivalled by many DJs today. This passion is evident in his output- pouring his heart and soul into his productions and DJ sets.

He’ll be bringing that pure, unadulterated love of house with him to Croatia, where he’ll be joining a whole host of legends at our Traxsource LIVE! party in August.

We were lucky enough to nab him for a quick chat.

You started Classic Music Company with Derrick Carter in 1995. What’s been your highlight from the label so far?

Oh man. That’s so hard to answer. It’s been so many years with so many adventures. I think there was a point when Classic was really starting to gain momentum and Derrick had just remixed Markus Nikolai’s Bushes. We went out to Miami for the Winter Music Conference and all the stars aligned. We were young and care free. The world was our oyster. That was a moment.

What’s your go to classic track to dig out of your record box?

Oh, it depends on my mood. Currently it’s JT Donaldson’s remix of Home and Garden’s Sexuality.

What do you think of Defected making the move from Ibiza to Croatia this year?

Well, it’s not really a move to be honest. We haven’t left [Ibiza], we are just waiting for the right opportunity to arise. The fallow year has allowed us to put all of our concentration on the festival. I have been playing out in Croatia for a while now, so I am super happy that I get to hang out there with all my Defected family this year. It’s going to be special.

Why are you excited to be a part of the Traxsource LIVE! party at Defected Croatia?

I am excited to play at pretty much every party I get booked for to be honest. This one just happens to be at an amazing venue (Barbarella’s), in an amazing place with a whole heap of friends and family. So that kind of makes it double special.

Any artists who you think are ‘ones to watch’ at the moment?

Well, I would say Eli Escobar as he is due to release a record on Classic and things are really happening for him. Demuir is on my list. He has something coming on Classic also. On top of that I would add Dan Shake, Nebraska, Beaner, We Are Hundreds, Pay Day. There are loads.

You have quite a few really great projects that you’re involved with. Freaks, your label Music For Freaks with Justin Harris, and other solo projects. Any new ones in the pipeline?

Yes. I have a single out now on Optimo with Nick Maurer, something forthcoming with Jonny Rock on Future Boogie. A single forthcoming with Nick Maurer on Martinez Brother’s label Cuttin’ Headz. A Freaks single on Eats Everything Edible label. Another solo single coming on Karlovak, and a whole collective album project under the name of Powerdance. Well, you did ask.

So much love for the legend that is Mr Luke Solomon. Join him in Croatia for our Traxsource LIVE! party at the legendary Barbarella’s. Info and tickets right here.