Eli Escobar on board for the Traxsource stage at Defected Croatia.

A mainstay on the New York scene for two decades, Eli Escobar continues to wow us with his ability to deftly weave disco classics of bygone eras with modern club tracks of today.

He’s released countless floor-fillers on his own label- Night People NYC, Nervous, Classic Music Company and DFA. Now Escobar has a release on the seminal imprint Classic, another string to add to his ever expanding musical bow.

Eli freed up a little time in his busy schedule to chat ahead of our Traxsource LIVE! party with Defected in Croatia, this August.

Your first album was five years in the making, this second one under a year. What were the main differences in the creative process?

This new album was mainly made on the road….I would sample a whole bunch of stuff before leaving town and then make something of it all while I was away….The main reason for this was the birth of my son last August. It’s a lot trickier now to set aside tons of time to work on music at home, so once I’m on the road all my ideas and creativity come pouring out…..it’s been a very productive time….I have so many extra songs lying around that I might be able to release another album this year.

Is there a difference between the scene in New York and in Europe?

Well, I wouldn’t judge any city or scene in Europe based on the few times I’ve played in these places. It’s hard to really get a feel for a place the way DJ’s like me experience them…..But the reason I love New York so much is the history here. Dance music is in our blood. In the summer, you can hear “Love Is The Message” blasting out of someone’s car and it feels so right. And there are people here still going out now who were at the Garage or the Sound Factory or whatever. They are just as essential an element to the city’s scene as the new folks. The more mixed up a party is the better. And that goes for race, sexual orientation and age.

What are you most looking forward to about the Traxsource LIVE! party?

First off, the line-up. I know the music is going to be top-notch. And second of all, based on these pictures I’m seeing, just being in Croatia.

Why do you think Croatia has become such a huge destination for clubbers and promoters alike?

I suppose because it’s a bit uncharted? And from what I’ve heard, cheaper than Ibiza.

Any other events or festivals this summer?

I’m doing a festival in July called Gratitude Migration in Keansburg, New Jersey, which is a small beach town. I’m excited about it because it’s a festival just celebrating the New York scene, which I think is a cool idea.

What are your top three tracks to spin at the moment?

Kultissime – Don’t Stop The Music (Kiko Navarro Percussion Jam).
I love a good transition or tool record….I usually play it at the same time as another record. But it also totally works on its own.

Leron Carson – Lemonlime.
I really gravitate towards songs that don’t sound like anything else out at the moment. It can be used as a tool or just play it out if you have the right crowd and the right moment. It’s a slow build but totally worth it.

Luke Solomon and Jonny Rock – Luca Frangpian.
I found out about this the old fashioned way. Hearing the DJ play it in a record store. Lighthouse in Tokyo to be specific….this is a banger. Good ‘dubby’, sorta disco-acid thing. Top-notch.

If, like us, you’re keen to catch Eli spinning some of these top-notch tunes in the flesh, get involved. Join us for Defected Croatia and our Traxsource LIVE! party. Tickets this way