“Four Hands is Better than Two” Catching Up with... Eli & Fur

Eli & Fur are women on a mission. To date, their career has seen them land tracks on pretty much every respectable compilation going, from Cr2, Azuli and Anjunadeep to house heavyweights Defected and Toolroom.

Initially breaking through with the brooding ‘You’re So High’, the girls’ unique brand of sultry Deep House has elevated them into the limelight with a string of successful singles, including collaborations with the likes of Erick Morillo, MANIK, Forrest and Shadowchild. Pair this with their mesmerising live shows and it’s no wonder they’ve grown to become one of the most in-demand electronic acts on the scene.

We had the pleasure of catching up with the girls ahead of their appearance at the IMS College event in Malta..

Hi girls, thanks for chatting with us, where are you in the world right now and what are you up to?

Currently in the studio finishing as much music as we can before a long tour of the US and Canada!

Tell us a bit about your recent Subliminal release with Erick Morillo. What’s your studio setup and how did this one come about?

We to Erick’s studio in LA when we were there in January, it was an awesome experience. The studio is amazing, it has panoramic views of LA that blew our minds. A great place to be creative. The session was mostly vocal writing, Erick played us a load of music and we spent the day coming up with ideas. The whole thing was finished in a few days. We loved working with him.

How did you two meet? Is it more fun DJing in a duo?

We went to school together and we’re best mates. Being in a duo is great. It’s fun having the two of us on the road, always someone to talk to. In the studio it’s great too, we challenge each other and work really well together, it’s nice to merge ideas and have two minds on the music. And from a DJing perspective four hands is better than two!

You’ve been invited to speak at IMS Malta, what will you be talking about? Why do you think conferences like IMS Malta are a good idea for upcoming artists and producers?

For sure, we love watching IMS talks, it’s great to analyse different parts of the industry. Our first IMS was last year and it was such a great experience. It’s great to hear other peoples opinions on certain topics. You can learn from people who have been in the industry longer and pick up great tips and advice.

It’s also super interesting being on a panel as it really makes you think about where you are and whats important for you to get across. We will be talking about everything and anything really, it’s nice to chat about something we care so much about and to offer our experiences so far and advice to others.

Were you mentored in anyway by an established artist or industry professional during the start your career?

Eli: My first job in the industry was at a songwriting and publishing company called Xenomania, my boss was Brian Higgins who has written a lot of songs for pop acts. I literally learned everything there, it was an incredible eye opener. Fur joined the company a little while after and we would be constantly busy, engineering vocal sessions, writing for other people, making tea for One Direction! It was a crazy place and an a whole other world in comparison to where we are now.

Fur: Brian was defiantly a great mentor for both of us, he helped to boost our confidence. We learned a lot.
Tell us one piece of advice you were given when starting out and one piece that you wish you’d been give.

A good piece of advice that we were given early on is to focus on what your strengths are, that’s usually what you put the most work into and what you are most passionate about and therefore get the best results. Trying to do something that isn’t natural or to mould yourself into something else is harder to make work.

Then something that is always good to be told early, especially when you are starting out and have more insecurities, is that there’s always going to be people with pre conceptions about an act, these can sometimes be negative, it’s better to stick with the people who really believe in what you’re doing and not get effected by things around you so much. To look forward and keep doing what you do, when you start to analyse and over think things too much it can be a trap. So focus on the positives.

Tell us one record that you two love to play and one record that’s a real dance floor life saver.

We love Vessels – Echo In (Ripperton Remix) It’s so beautiful and builds really nicely. And a dance floor saver would probably be Supernova-Plastic Jungle (Chus & Ceballos Remix)

Tell us some of your all time favourite DJs and who are the selectors to watch out for in 2016?

Some of our favourites that spring to mind are Kölsch, Maya Jane Coles, Scuba, DJ Tennis and KiNK. Karma Kid is super talented too, his sets are so interesting to watch, really eclectic and he always has the dance floor going. He’s one to watch. Also Wax Wings, he just did a remix for our new track ‘On My Own’, it’s really special. Bob Moses too, they have been around for a while now but I’m sure there is more greatness to come from them.

IMS College Malta takes place from 1-3 July 2016, click here for passes and info.

Eli & Fur feat. Forrest – ‘On My Own’ out now on NYX Music

Erick Morillo, Eli & Fur – ‘Thunder & Lightning’ out now on Subliminal

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