Honey Dijon’s eclectic and electric energy added to Traxsource stage at Defected Croatia

Chicago. The home of house. It’s no surprise that some of the finest DJs and producers in the world have arisen from the Windy City.

Honey Dijon is one of those. Having been mentored by some of the most revered house legends in history, she’s firmly established herself as a versatile DJ and performer. From techno to disco to RnB, nothing is off limits. She demonstrates that DJ’ing really is an art form.

We were ecstatically happy to have a chat with the lady herself ahead of her joining us for Traxsource LIVE! at Defected Croatia.

You’re well known for being a talented DJ who seamlessly blends records from all genres. Is there a particular genre that you’re most drawn to?

Thank you. I don’t like labels in music or in life. For me, I’m more interested in how music feels than what category it falls under and I’m heavily influenced by the eclecticism of Ron Hardy and Larry Levan.

I consider myself a house DJ, but I incorporate disco, techno, minimal, RnB, rock, new wave, dub, and industrial sounds in my sets….I had loads of friends [who] introduced me to different scenes in the city, and I was a sponge….I love deconstructing music sonically. The art of turntablism, and sampling live. It’s fun for me.

You used to blag your way into some of Chicago’s top clubs with fake ID when you were very young. Was there a lightbulb moment when you thought “yeah, this is me. I want to DJ and play records”?

I’ve always been around music. My parents were fairly young when they had me and they threw loads of basement parties. They used to let me DJ before my bedtime. I didn’t even know I was DJ’ing. I just loved sharing music that excited me with other people. I got such a thrill out of that. I still do….I remember being at an underground party [and being] so into the music that I had a literal out-of-body experience where I could see myself dancing. It was that moment that I realised that music really fulfilled me and gave me purpose, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing something related to music.

You’ve played in some of the world’s top clubs and count some legendary DJ’s such as Derrick Carter amongst your friends. What’s been your greatest experience from your career so far?

Every experience I’ve had as a DJ has been the best. Even the not so great gigs taught me something in hindsight….I have had the fortune of being mentored by some of the best- from Frankie Knuckles, Danny Tenaglia and Derrick Carter. There is a reason why these artists are still relevant today. Their experience, musical knowledge, craftsmanship, and expertise transcends trends.

Why do you think a lot of promoters and parties are being drawn to Croatia?

I would have to say the beauty, nature, and sunshine of Croatia. The food is awesome as well.

What are you most looking forward to about the Traxsource LIVE! party?

I’m looking forward to seeing my friends, playing some tunes, drinking tequila, and good vibes.

What’s your go to record to play?

I would have to say Jamie 3:26 Hit It N Quit It. It just gets the party started…[and] just goes the f*ck off each and every time. It combines everything I love- soulful vocals, drama, and techno.

Any projects in the pipeline?

My single ‘Houze’ with Seven Davis Jr. just dropped on Classic….Also, I’m working on tunes again with Tim K, Matrixxman, and Luke Solomon. Also I did an EP for Dungeon Meat that I hope sees the light of day. I just need to get [my] ass in the studio to finish another track for them!

The lineup for our party at Barbarella’s for Defected Croatia just keeps on getting better and better! Have you got your ticket yet? Head here for more info.