Session Victim ready to party at Traxsource LIVE! in Croatia

If you’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing one of Session Victim’s sets, you’ll know without a doubt the pure, unadulterated joy they bring to each of those in attendance.

Loved for their vinyl-only sets and energetic live sessions, the German duo have no fear of experimenting with a variety of genres. From hip-hop to soul, and house to classic disco, they’ve got all bases covered.

They’ve gladly accepted our invitation to play at our Traxsource LIVE! party at Barbarella’s, as part of Defected Croatia, alongside a plethora of house legends.

We managed to grab them for a pre-Croatia chitchat.

What do you think about Defected and others making the move from Ibiza to Croatia?

Matthias Reiling – The festivals people have been building in Croatia over the last decade have a unique spirit about them- very ambitious, but intimate at the same time. I’ve never spoken to anyone who went to Hideout, Dimensions or [The] Garden [Festival], and didn’t speak highly of it. It feels only natural that, from year to year, more labels and teams want to do their thing and leave their mark there.

Hauke Freer – Everyone was expecting this really. Nobody needs a second Ibiza, so it’s in everyone’s interest to maintain the spirit and get the locals to be involved and profit from these events as well.

What are you most looking forward to about the Traxsource LIVE! party at Defected Croatia?

Matthias Reiling – Well, the party is happening at Barbarella’s, an outdoor club that holds enormous potential. We have played there a few times over the [past few] years and had some insanely good nights.

It’s well known that the summer season is hectic for DJs and can often leave them feeling burnt out. What tips have you got for keeping a level head?

Matthias Reiling – That depends very much on the specific person. Some can tour and tour forever and still be in great shape and in touch with themselves, while others have to take a lot more care. Know your limits and don’t overdo things for too long is basically it.

Hauke Freer – If playing music is your passion, that joy will basically feed you all the energy you need to tour. It’s when you need to fill that gap with drugs or a glance [at] your bank account that it becomes problematic, as these are not lasting pleasures.

You recently did a fantastic rework of Khruangbin’s The Man Who Took My Sunglasses. Is there a favourite remix that you’ve done, or that another artist has done?

Matthias Reiling – Thank you. That was one of our favourite remixes we ever did for sure. We love Khruangbin and the album has been on heavy rotation in both our homes since it came out.

Which track reminds you of summer?

Matthias Reiling – Many songs. Let me pick two. Tha Mexakinz with Phonkie Melodia and My Eyes Have Seen You by The Doors.

Any releases upcoming for us to look forward to?

Matthias Reiling – We have been writing songs for a year and a half and now reached a point where we [are] really starting to feel the third album coming together. It will take a bit more time though. We want to take all the music to Room G in San Francisco again, to work on it in a second environment but you can definitely expect something in 2017.

We’re deliriously happy here at Traxsource with the line up for our party at Barbarella’s in August. You’d be crazy not to join us. Come and get your tickets over here.