In-Beat-Ween-Music w/ Lay-Far

In between East and West, analog and digital, tradition and innovation… set up as a logical continuation of the In-Beat-Ween Sessions podcast – started back in 2008 – IN-BEAT-WEEN MUSIC is here to connect the dots between jazz and dub, techno and soul, funk and house. The label is devoted to the music in-beat-ween genres, categories or trends – music for your mind, body and soul. We sat down w/ Lay-Far, the imprints owner, to get the low down.

Hey Lay-Far, thanks so much for chatting with us, tell about your label In-Beat-Ween-Music.

In-Beat-Ween Music is a young label (it’s almost 2 years old) but with a long history. It was built on the basis of In-Beat-Ween Sessions podcast I started back in 2008. All these years I cherished the idea of a having my own label, but I didn’t have the resources (both artistically and financially) or the knowledge. Two years ago I finally realized, it’s time! 

What’s the labels concept and ultimate goal?

The concept of the label is the continuation of what I was building up with my podcast, i.e. showcasing the music which doesn’t really fit into one niche or sound category – open-minded and unique, free and underdog, but based on strong musical traditions – the music which has the ability to transcend the main body aspect (it’s the dance music we are talking about) and involve mind and soul. That’s the trinity I’m after – Imaginative soulful dance music as broad as can be! I’m putting out the music from both international and local artist showing the dialogue of cultures, unique music visions that are in constant interaction. Being based in Moscow, the capital of Russia, I’m realizing that’s exactly the location in between East and West, with their deep respect of traditions and constant innovations, which are both reflected in the label’s music. 

You may probably think – there is too much conceptualization – maybe so, but in the end there is no dissonance in what I do with the label and the music itself. Everything is happening organically – from finding music to setting up a promotional campaign!

Describe what it’s like running a record label today – what keeps you motivated?

That’s a crazy multitasking activity – I don’t have spare hands or assistants – so I’m managing everything by myself and usually end up doing most of things (apart from mastering and artwork), including all the copy-writing, marketing and full-scale promotion. Sometimes you go into actual artists management, ha-ha. The whole motivation part is easy – sharing something you love and truly believe in with the world!

I’m not really concerned with quantity. It’s all about the quality of the product, which takes quite sometime to deliver – from speaking with musicians, to signing tracks, to making the quality mastering and beautiful artwork or approving the test-presses. 

On the mastering side of things I’m working with the one and only Martin Iveson AKA Atjazz. He is the best mastering engineer I’ve heard, period. He knows exactly what type of sound I’m after and sometimes I don’t really need words. The final result is superb. Especially if you check the vinyl versions! 
That’s the kind of synergy that’s also easy to explain – as a music producer his sound is a part of my DNA – I was growing with his music since my teens, taking into the account PS1 games he worked on.
 As for the artwork – I’m working with Russian-based Vladimir Kolomeytsev aka K-Feer and Vitaly Lativ, who both come from a graffiti background and can dynamically reflect the music with an image!

 Frankly speaking, usually I don’t have much spare money for additional shrink-wrap or screen-printed sleeves but I try to make the release look really decent with the basic means – balancing the label artwork and the coloring of the disco or spine bags and inner sleeves. I call it the ascetic approach to good artwork!

How do you A&R a record for your label & what exactly are you listening for?

For me it’s the labor of love – as a music junkie and DJ I’m putting out only the music I would play in my sets. That’s the main criteria – the vibrations I’m feeling and I would love to share with the world! Similar things always gravitate to each other. On the other hand I consider it an outlet for my own special and more personal music ideas, which I’m not ready to sign to other labels. For example the first 3 EP’s on the label were devoted to my album of remixes “So Many Ways Remixed”, which I’m happy ended up at #12 in “TOP 100 ARTIST ALBUMS OF 2015” here on Traxsource!

Anything coming up for the second half of 2016? 

Next up – of course a follow up to the super cool debut EP from Boorane. These guys are a breath of fresh air, and not only to me. Ask Ashley Beedle, Gilles Peterson or Kai Alce! Secondly I’m preparing a powerful compilation, devoted to the long-running house dance night in Moscow “Footwork House Jam”, which I’m an integral part of. Music from Karizma, Atjazz, Nubian Mindz, Intr0beatz and myself is already confirmed. Thirdly, I have a plan of putting out a digital version of my own “Long Titles EP” (previously released only on vinyl) by Amp-Art Recordings in 2014, a track from which has recently been stolen in SA and re-released under another artist name! 
Of course there are lots of other exciting new ideas to implement, as long as I have money from selling these records ha-ha! I can only hope and do my best!

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