Getting Real with Reelsoul

Drawing on everything from Hip-Hop to Dance and heavily influenced by his family’s musical tastes from a young age, it’s easy to see that Reelsoul’s productions come from a musically educated mind. The Soulful House veteran picked up a love of early Deep House from his cousin back in the 90s, via labels such as Strictly Rhythm and Nervous and took to making his own tunes with two tape decks and a keyboard.

His debut release “Take me to a place”, a Deep, Soulful number was signed by Frankie Feliciano to his Ricanstruction label, ultimately leading to a string of releases on MN2S, Sole Channel and Home Recordings and the rest, they say, is history.

We caught up with Reelsoul to chat about his new release ‘Into The Light’ on Plastik People Digital and much more.

How did you get into electronic music, primarily house music & how did the name Reelsoul name happen.

I first heard house music on the radio and fell in love with the sounds it created. I could hear influences of Disco in a lot of the songs and like that it had smooth melodies over 4/4 beats. Then my brother Henry and my cousin Victor would go to the local undergrounds and bring new music to me that I loved. By that time I already had my own turntables. I was 11 years old and the year was 1991. My cousin Victor dj at the time and they both would take me record shopping and it opened a whole new world for me.

The name ReelSoul came about when I made my first track “Take me to a Place” with my friend Damon Montelongo and my cousin Steven Romero. When this track made it big I became instantly on demand for remix work. The labels would put me as “ReelSoul”. From that point on the name stood.

Where does your wonderful musical background come from?

My musical background comes from a family that loves to party, dance and their love for many genres of music. My father exposed me to many different sounds that stole my heart.

How do you feel the scene here in the USA has changed in the last 20 years?

Based on my experience with the exception of New York and Chicago the scene seems to me a little bland compared to the 90’s. It seemed that back then people lived for the music, to get lost with it and to forget their daily lives and worries. People had a place to escape and fulfill their souls. Now it seems that people in some cases don’t come out for that purpose anymore.

What’s currently your three favorite artists and labels?

My favorite artist are: Kaytranada, Byron the Aquarius, Dj Spinna
And my favorite labels are: Honeycomb Music, Quantize Music, Star Creature

What hardware and tools do you use in your production?

I like to keep it simple: I use Logic and from time to time I still like to use MicroX from Korg and still like to use my Yamaha Motif.

What does the future hold for you?

To keep producing great music and put out more music on my “Reelsoul Muzik” Label.

All time top five records across any genre?

This is a tough one but, I would have to say: Chick Corea: Crystal Silence

The System: I can’t take losing you

Level 42: Star Child
Slave: Watching you Crystal Waters: Surprise

Reelsoul’s ‘Into The Light’ single is available exclusively on Traxsource: HERE.


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