Label Spotlight #001 - Dirt Crew Recordings

The past 12 years have seen Dirt Crew Recordings consistently release some of the finest House music on the planet, with output unwavering in quality and a back catalogue of some of the best artists in the game including The Revenge, Tigerskin, Detroit Swindle, Waze & Odyssey, Steve Huerta & Urulu, Jimpster and many more. 2016 sees Dirt Crew Recording’s 100th release, recruiting everyone from Felix Leifur to Marlon Hoffstadt, the perfect occasion to announce them as the first in our ‘LabelSpotlight’ series.

Give us a little bit of background on you and the Dirt Crew label and what your influences were / are.

Dirt Crew Recordings started out in 2004 when i and James Flavour had our DJ/Producer project called “Dirt Crew” and we wanted to release more music by ourselves and friends, before we were releasing on MBF from Cologne and Mood Music from Berlin. Shortly after we started the label really took off and we were super happy that we discovered some great Talent in the first few years. Especially guys like Mano Le Tough, Chymera and Adultnapper made a great career since their first records on our label. In the past 4-5 years the label even got a bigger boost by the massive success of our dutch boys Detroit Swindle who we don’t need to introduce here anymore. They put their unique stamp on modern House Music. Followed by more great young talent like Nachtbraker, Brame & Hamo, Ponty Mython and Felix Leifur we see a bright future for the label.

What have been your favourite releases from Dirt crew Recordings over the years?

Records I am really proud of and i personally love are a bunch of Tigerskin “Classics” like “Neontrance” the first ever release we put out by him in 2005 and “Peter’s secret weapon”, hint the name ;) also his magical track “This place is empty without you” is just too good! Apart from him i of course am really in love still with Detroit Swindle’s debut album “Boxed Out”, that marked a new era for the label and gave everything a big push their music was just their at the right time and I am lucky that I was the one to release this big album.

DDirt Crew Recordings label head honcho Peter Gijselaers

Tell us a bit about what’s coming up for your imprint.

We have a few nice ones coming up after our “Deep Love 100” release we will drop a new “Nachtbraker” EP in October, followed by “25 Places” in December. furthermore “Felix Leifur” and “Ponty Mython” are both working on new material so i guess up till Feb / March next year we are already set :) Best moment and project for me so far was definitely the release of Detroit Swindle’s debut album and getting a remix for it from “Kerri Chandler” with vocals by “Mayer Hawthorne”, I mean you can’t dream of more as a House music lover.

If you could have signed any record in the world to Dirt Crew, what would it have been and why?

Hah.. that is a tough one .. well one of my all time faves is “Passion” by “Gat Decor” .. this is one of the best House tracks ever made. I can only imagine the excitement of the A&R who listened to this demo for the first time!

What do you look for when signing a record for Dirt Crew? Any tips for budding producers looking to get signed to the label?

I think it is pretty simple, it has to be extremely good and unique, it is okay for me if you kind of copy a certain sound as long as what you do with it is so good it blows me away.. a good example of a new kid I signed from a demo is Felix Leifur, it was just perfect. So best to do is send me anything as exciting as his music or Nachtbrakers, Ponty Mythons and Brame & Hamo’s and we are all set :)

Our pick – ‘Things I Didn’t Mean’ – Steve Huerta & Urulu (a seminal work for our generation of deep house lovers)

Various Artists ‘Deep Love 100’ LP is available now on Traxsource: HERE.


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