Inside The Track with Sante Sansone

22 year old Sante Sansone has been taking the scene by storm. A recent string of hard-hitting releases on the likes of Lapsus Music, Voltaire and Materialism have propelled him into the limelight for many and he’s picked up solid support on his work from the likes of Roger Sanchez, Hot Since 82, Paul Woolford and Groove Armada. For his latest release, the young producer joins the Glasgow Underground family for the two-tracker ‘Erosion’. We chatted to the Italian about what makes his track tick.

Congratulations on your ‘Erosion’ release via Glasgow Underground. How is it being received in your sets? & How are other club DJs responding to the release?

First of all thanks for your interest in my music, is a pleasure explain some of mine and my music style! This track is special for me because is the first step of my new style, more house, with the great art of sampling from which I’ve been influenced by some of my preferred artists like Robert Hood, Dj Wild! I had a lot of supporters on this release and this track in particular, like Mark Knight, Luna City Express, J Paul Getto, Alaia & Gallo and much more! Finally I’ve to send a great thanks at Kevin Mckay that has release my music on his great Label GU and has Believe in this works.

Tell us more about the track ‘Erosion’. What was the main inspiration behind it and what prompted the musical direction on this?

The main inspiration comes from the old and funky loops i’ve listen from a lot of tracks in this period, one of them have catch my fantasy, and with the revaluation of bassline, drum kit and the arrangement I’ve made this great tune! This is the art of sampling that I love, with this art the music never dies, the music come back more strong and more strangeness! I remember one great Phrase from John Lennon “The music is of all, only the Owners think that Belong to them’’

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Production wise, what is it about the ‘Erosion’ that makes it work?

For ‘’venice in love’’ I’ve take a great sample of one track I love, I’ve Build a Drum with my maschine MKII and some samples pack from my library for make the sound more Dynamic and groovy. I’ve do a bassline more stronger with rob paper’s sound: Predator & Sub boom bass and some fx and reverber in the breaks! That’s the way!

Is there one machine, program or technique that characterizes your sound?

Today the production of house music is very simply if you have a lot of fantasy, you need a great library of samples, some drum machine you like and some VST for compose synth or bass energy and strong. Usually I use the 909 sound like all, the best for mine, I take it or from my samples library or form the maschine MKII. I make the bassline with some Vst, like Sub Bum Bass and Massive, but my preferite is Predator also from Rob Papen, a great Synthesizer of groovy bassline! An other VST that I use a lot is the WOW filter, an great filter for the breaks, he gives much dynamic to your sound! Finally for make up the sound I use the Wave Shell library a great library complete of all the compressor, EQ, Dynamic instrument you need to produce a strong sound!

What is the one piece of kit that you simply cannot do without?

I have a lot of preferred machines and samples library! I think that from the sample packs you can discover a lot of sounds and ideas, one of my preferred is the ‘Santos’, ‘Private Tech House Collection’, from the machine you can create your ideas and your sound, my preferred is the NI Maschine which you can make a great drum in your track with a lot of great kits… 909, 808, the percussion hit!

Any advice for your fans on how to make it in today’s fast paced game?

I’m very young in the world of producers, so is difficult for me give an advice that can be helpful for the people! But for now I say thanks to all of guys that fallow me and my music, I will work hard for make the best! Never Give up, follow your dreams, Peace & Music.

Sante Sansone – Erosion is available on Traxsource: HERE.


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